Why Is LVP Flooring So Hot Right Now?

LVP flooring, also known as luxury vinyl plank flooring, is taking over the flooring market. It’s the hot, go-to product these days for stylish floors. With most of the industry’s technology and innovation going into LVP, it’s the fastest-growing category of flooring. There are so many reasons to take a look at the LVP flooring options in the Crystal Carpet & Flooring Company Showroom, and we’re happy to tell you why:

LVP flooring first came to prominence in the 1980s, and was initially dismissed by much of the flooring industry. Hollow-sounding and cheap-looking planks sent LVP flooring to the bottom of the must-have list for a long time. But today’s LVP floors are made with a strong core of high-density fiberboard and PVC vinyl for stability and flexibility. They’re remarkably durable and affordable. They also aren’t subject to many of the worries or upkeep that comes with solid, traditional hardwood flooring.

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In recent years, modern LVPs have surged in popularity with a variety of stains, colors, grains, protective layers, and more. This is a trend that is absolutely here to stay.

One of the best reasons to choose LVP flooring is that it can replicate the look of complicated or expensive wood types. LVP flooring that mimics complicated parquet hardwood is a cost-saver, a time-saver, and in some places, necessary! Water-resistant and even water-proof LVP floors have come onto the market in 2018, finally making the look of hardwood parquet or other unique patterns a viable option in coastal or humid homes.

In 2018, one of the biggest LVP flooring trends is wood that looks reclaimed or vintage. With LVP flooring, you can create the look of whitewashed or driftwood pale boards, or even dark, espresso floors, without the high cost of the real McCoy. Additionally, since the effect is created, it can be customized even further. Can’t decide between dark or light flooring? Go with the variegated effect for flooring that really packs a stylish punch.

lvp flooring available Crystal Carpet & Flooring Company Wilmington NC

Matte finishes are still on-trend for LVP flooring in 2018, with homeowners opting for soft satins rather than high-gloss shines. Another popular finish is the oil finish, which brings out the wood’s natural, moisturized beauty rather than the bright, reflective slickness of many flooring finishes.

Want the convenience and structure of LVP but aren’t a fan of the look of wood? LVT (luxury vinyl tile) flooring is also on the rise, and they come with the same exciting benefits as LVP flooring.

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Intrigued by 2018’s LVP and LVT flooring trends? We’ve got options for 2018 and beyond — see them all at the Crystal Carpet & Flooring Showroom in Wilmington, NC.