Brighten Your Home With White Washed Wood Floors

Whether you want to build a home with a coastal feel, update your Carolina Beach or Wrightsville Beach bungalow, explore the simple beauty of Scandinavian-inspired décor, or simply freshen up your home, white washed wood floors might be the answer.

Are you wondering what on earth we’re talking about? If so, you’re not alone! We’ve had a lot of questions about this unique and fun look, so we decided to answer the most common ones in a blog post. Let’s start at the beginning…

What exactly are white washed wood floors?  Sometimes known as “pickled wood flooring” or “pickled hardwood floors,” white washed wood floors by any name are gaining popularity across America, including right here in Wilmington, NC. It’s a technique that allows you to brighten wood floors that may have grown dark and dingy with age, without losing the natural grain pattern. Another bonus: they can also make a small space seem larger, especially when paired with white walls.

How is it done? To get this breezy coastal look, white stain is applied to the floors and then wiped away. The different names of the process simply refer to which way the stain was applied. If you go against the grain, it’s called pickled wood flooring. If you go with the grain, your floors have been white washed. Pickling will saturate the wood more, and looks best when applied to oak floors. White washing, on the other hand, is a great way to highlight the natural grain of pine floors. No matter which direction you go, you end up with a modern, transitional look that’s classy and clean.

Should I DIY?  You can DIY almost anything, but that doesn’t mean you’ll get the best results—especially when it comes to a job as large as your floors. We may be biased, but we think this is a look best accomplished by a professional. The easiest way to guarantee that you get the look you want is to buy engineered hardwood flooring that is pre-pickled or white washed, rather than painting the floor you have. Not only is painting your floors labor-intensive and time-consuming, but there’s no way to tell how the paint will take until you start—and then it’s too late to change your mind. Buying it when it’s already been white washed or pickled means you can get the exact look you want, without any unpleasant surprises.

When can I start white washing my wood floors? The sooner, the better! Install new floors now, before the summer is in full swing, so you can enjoy a fresh, coastal feel all season long. Visit Crystal Carpet & Flooring today and let’s get started!