What’s the Best Time of Year to Replace Flooring?

Customers often ask us:  “What’s the best time of year to replace flooring?”  The best answer is: “Whenever you want to!”,  but there are a few considerations that can prove helpful:

Fluctuating Costs:  Typically, new lines are released in the spring—meaning old lines are also dropped during spring. Discontinued lines mean that wholesalers will be selling off inventory, often at steep discounts. Each year, Crystal Carpet & Flooring Company has a huge spring sale passing on great savings to our customers.  We also have a warehouse outlet behind our showroom for deep discounts on flooring products year round.  Another thing to keep in mind? The cost of flooring is hugely affected by oil prices. After all, flooring materials are quite heavy to ship. Of course, gas and crude oil costs typically dip lowest during winter.

Humidity:  Hardwood flooring will imbue warmth, elegance, and beauty into any home. But you’ll want to be strategic about when you replace your floors, as weather is a huge factor in successful installation. Keep in mind that hardwood suffers when conditions are too humid—like any other organic or natural product, wood is highly porous; i.e. it absorbs moisture easily. This means that if you install hardwood flooring during the humid months, your floors may become vulnerable to distortion ,and swell. Swollen wood is more likely to pull apart.

Conversely, dry conditions can cause wood to dehydrate and shrink, crack, or pull apart. This damage is known as the cupping effect. If you must install hardwood floors during the winter, make sure your home is humidified. Installing in summer? Turn on a dehumifier and/or the A.C.!

Ventilation: It’s helpful to install during a time of year when you can leave your doors open to the outdoors. You and/or your hired professionals will be carrying a lot of old flooring out, and a lot of new flooring in. Plus, ventilation and fresh air are crucial when it comes to cutting fumes and odors. During the installation process, floor adhesive, adhesive removers, stains, and sealers could emit noxious fumes and odors.

Many experts point to spring and fall as the best times to install new flooring. If you live in a particularly humid climate (such as Wilmington, NC; Wrightsville Beach, NC; or Leland, NC, for instance), you might want to play it safe and plan for an spring or autumn installation.

But of course, the best time to replace flooring is when you want to or need to!  At Crystal Carpet & Flooring Company, we work with an experienced team of in-house installers who know exactly how to care for and install your flooring no matter the time of year or the weather conditions.  And, with our lifetime installation guarantee, you can rest easy knowing you can enjoy new flooring at any time with no risk.  And, when you visit our showroom, don’t forget to ask about our products specifically designed for the humidity and heat we experience in our local area.