What’s Hot Right Now: Flooring in Leland, NC

Leland, NC, is a sunny town in Brunswick County, just outside of Wilmington, NC and on the way to Myrtle Beach, SC. The county, Brunswick County, is the fastest-growing county in North Carolina, and it’s not hard to see why. Between our relaxed lifestyle, our climate, our recreation, and our proximity to the coast, Southeastern NC is really a paradise.

Because there are so many people moving in from out of state and building new homes in the area, we hear a lot of questions about how to decide on the best flooring in Leland. If you’re in the process of building or designing a home, or looking to replace your own floors with a market-friendly option, read on. We’ve outlined a few common types of homes, residents, and buildings that are being built in Leland and matched them to ideal flooring options.

Flooring for Leland Patio Homes: The big sell of a patio home is, of course, its spacious patio and outdoor area. The thing about North Carolina, though, is that we do occasionally get winter weather. Because retirees are more likely to live in patio homes and to get cold, consider a plush carpet for the inside of your patio home. It’s warm and well-cushioned; its traction can help older residents avoid falls; and the insulation will keep your home warm in the surprisingly chilly Leland winter days.

carpet flooring in leland nc

Flooring for Golf Course Living: In an upscale environment, you want upscale floors. If your house has golf-course views, there’s no doubt in our minds: a hardwood floor will give your house the classy look and feel it deserves. Another perk of hardwood floors? They’re a breeze to clean and require little maintenance — which just means more time out on the links for you!

hardwood flooring in leland nc

Flooring for a Leland Home Office: A lot of Leland, NC residents work from home. It’s the perfect deal — you get to avoid the bridge traffic into Wilmington and enjoy the relaxing breeze and country views from your home office. Of course, making a home office perfect isn’t all about the view out the window. It’s also important to make your office feel like a space where you can get work done. That’s why we suggest luxury vinyl plank (LVP). LVP is super low-maintenance and incredibly customizable. It mimics the look of any surface you want for a fraction of the price, which means you can design your office in any style you can dream up — whether that’s classic, modern, patterned, or something entirely different. Then, you can add a cozy area rug for ambiance, and you’re all set!

luxury vinyl plank flooring in leland nc

Flooring for Leland Medical Offices: The unpleasant truth is this: With retirees come medical needs. And with medical needs come medical offices! If you’re opening up a medical office in Leland, flooring is an important concern. Luxury vinyl tile floors are stain-resistant, water-resistant, and also known to resist the growth of mold and bacteria — the perfect fit for any medical building.

luxury vinyl tile flooring in leland nc

Got a situation we didn’t cover? Skip the Googling and head straight over to our Wilmington, NC showroom to speak to a professional about your needs. Our employees are flooring experts and will be happy to point you in the right direction.