We have joked with our carpet reps from Mohawk for years about there strong push on the yarn system used on their carpeting.  We see many different flooring  product promoted each year and most time we don’t buy in on the hype when new products are pushed.  Many time hype is all it is and the products are over sold.  It has taken a while, but we are really starting to buy into the value that Dupont Sorona is offering.

Our reps finally got tired of all our skeptical comments about their products and the brought in the big guns to do a on site presentation.  The asked us to get our best Stainmaster carpet to go up against the Dupont Sorona (Smart strand) carpet.  The results where surprising.  The Mohawk Carpet Reps put bleach, iodine, grape jam, red wine, blue toilet bowl cleaner on the two carpets.  Then we let the stains set in on the carpet  for 20 minutes.  After the 20 minutes we used a small extractor with room temperature water to clean the two carpets.  Doing the same amount of stroke on each carpet, the results were night & day difference apart.  The Stainmaster carpet had some improvement.  The stains did not touch the Sorona Carpet.  If you need a carpet that you do not have to worry about the stains,  we can truly say the the Smartstrand Sorona yarn system is superior to most other product on the market.

This demo changed our minds about the value of the stain qualities.  We are normally slow to buy into all the new products and improvements being sold in the flooring industry.  This fiber is not really a totally new one.   This fiber has been out for a right good while, but it was just embrace by Mohawk with in the last decade.

The Mohawk reps really seem to believe in the product.  Most of the reps we have talked to across the Southeastern region have the Dupont Sorona in their own homes.  We figured at first they had been given too much of the marketing Kool-aid.

The wearable test puts the Dupont Sorona up there with the most wearable synthetic carpet fiber (Nylon).  We are total believer on the stain qualities and we are growing in our confidence in the wear qualities of this fiber.  We will be writing  on our investigation of the wear qualities of the Dupont Sorona Smartstrand in part 3 of this blog.