Tuftex Area Rugs

For California cool right here in Wilmington, North Carolina, look no further than Tuftex Area Rugs. From clean, contemporary shapes to beautiful, nature-inspired designs, Tuftex is all about L.A. fashion in your home, whether it’s a loft in historic downtown Wilmington or a beach house on Carolina Beach. At Crystal Carpet and Flooring Company, we’re happy to host Tuftex style in our very own showroom.

True to their West Coast roots, it’s good to know that all Tuftex area rugs are proudly made in the USA. These rugs deliver a feeling of warmth and comfort to your home, in addition to practical benefits such as noise reduction and insulation. A premier carpet brand, Tuftex’s area rugs are custom-crafted from some of the best carpet available on the market today.
tuftex 2
Their premade area rugs feature Hollywood luxury with brands such as Celeb, Applause, and Uptown Girl. Every bit as plush as such names would inspire, these exquisite shags and plush signature textures are made for sinking your toes in in style. The Only Natural brand brings a bit of Wine Country elegance to the opulence of L.A., with striated yarns in herringbone patterns available in 18 versatile colors. For the fully couture experience, Tuftex offers custom area rugs, with each customer acting as designer for their own red carpet – or whatever color you choose.
tuftex 3
For a bit more of the superstar treatment, come into the Crystal Carpet and Flooring Company Showroom on Oleander Drive, right here in Wilmington, NC.