Triangulo Flooring

Triangulo Flooring at Crystal Carpet & Flooring Company

Rooted in their desire to create harmony between man and nature, Triangulo Flooring respects hardwood and forestry through their commitment to environmentally responsible flooring production. Since 1972, Triangulo has been manufacturing wood and consistently creating advanced hardwood products without comprising the source. An active participant in preserving the Brazilian Rain Forest, Triangulo monitors harvest sites to protect vegetation and animals; responsibly disposes of waste and recyclable materials; and invests in facilities designed to create a cleaner future.

Triangulo has three collections: Engineered Hardwood, Solid Hardwood, and Extra-Wide Planks. Available in fifteen different styles, the Engineered collection has three options for size and several colors. Each plank in the Engineered collection is produced with the cross-ply method, which ensures the floor can endure wear and tear. Intended to be installed on a variety of surfaces, whether that be a layer of subfloor or concrete, Triangulo’s Engineered planks provide the stability you need in a floor.

The Solids collection is made of thick, solid wood and is packaged with a bespoke approach so that a different selection of knots and shading on the planks will keep each finished floor unique. While many solid wood floors do not last as long as other plank options, the planks in Triangulo’s Solid collection can be sanded and re-sanded to ensure the room always feels newly finished. In choosing the Solids collection, you are investing a room with a future that will age well.

Triangulo Flooring at Crystal Carpet & Flooring Company

Triangulo’s third flooring collection, the Extra-Wide collection, offers matted 7 ½” wide planks. With the same unique, rustic feel of the Engineered and Solids collection, the Extra-Wide collection allows more space for knots, color gradations and other beautiful wood variations to shine. From walnut shaded oak to Ibiza white, the Extra-Wide collection appeals to the design-focused buyer.

It’s not just about looking good with Triangulo flooring, it’s about doing good too. Meeting the standards of organizations like FSC and the Lacey Act, while also being CARB certified, Triangulo has proven their commitment to environmental awareness and their ability provide quality flooring without damaging the earth.

Select a floor you can comfortably stand on and behind – experience the collection of Triangulo hardwood floor at the Crystal Carpet & Flooring Company showroom, and learn more about our commitment to protecting the floors you buy with our lifetime installation guarantee.