Top 5 Reasons to Shop at Local Carpet Stores

With the number of carpet stores out there, shopping for new carpet or flooring can be an overwhelming task. Where do you start?  Before you can make a decision about flooring, you have to decide which retailer is right for you!

At Crystal Carpet & Flooring, we believe that local carpet stores in Wilmington, NC offer better service and better products than big box stores or 1-800 flooring services. Here are our Top 5 reasons why you should purchase flooring from your local carpet store:

1.  Regional Specific Service:  While big box stores treat you like a sale, local carpet stores treat you like a person with specific flooring needs. We will come to your home or office to measure and discuss the right flooring choices for your space and your lifestyle.  We sell for the area, its climate, and the people who live here, meaning that we don’t push products or pricing dictated by a corporate office all the way across the country.

2.  Experts in Carpet and Flooring:  When you shop for carpet at a store that specializes in many different types of home improvement products, you may run into staff members who are not knowledgeable about flooring, vendors, or the installation process. Local carpet stores, however, know everything about the products they stock and install because it’s our specialty.  It’s true—you can’t buy a gallon of paint, new batteries, a riding lawn mower and a box fan at our showroom—but you can rest assured that as flooring experts, we are able to suggest the perfect flooring to fit your specific needs, whether it’s carpet, laminate, hardwood, tile or any other flooring product.

3.  Hassle-Free Installation:  Local carpet stores specialize in hassle-free carpet installation. Some big box stores use two different third-party companies to install your floor–one to measure the area and provide an estimate, and one to install the floor. Local carpet stores not only ensure accurate measurements, they also work hand-in-hand with local installers to provide other services like furniture moving, carpet removal, and a lifetime guarantee. At Crystal Carpet & Flooring, we’ll fix any problem that may arise from installation, or from normal wear and tear throughout the lifetime of the carpet.

4.  Flooring on Your Schedule:  Whether you absolutely need flooring today, or you need time to choose the floor that’s right for you, local carpet stores provide flooring on your schedule. Other stores might only provide small samples and then expect you to buy the product without knowing if it’s the best choice for the space. Local carpet stores like Crystal Carpet & Flooring allow you to check out a wide variety of samples to see how they’ll look in your home. Need it today? We also have plenty of available, ready-to-install flooring in our warehouse outlet.

5.  Good Neighbors:  As members of your community, local carpet stores seek to deliver the best products to their neighbors. Crystal Carpet & Flooring has been serving southeastern North Carolina for over twenty years. Everyone from the owner to our bookkeeper to our warehouse manager lives in and is invested in this area.  Our reputation matters to us and we make sure that you have the best flooring and the best service for your needs.

Now that you’ve learned just a few of the benefits of shopping at local carpet stores over big box stores, head over to our showroom in Wilmington, NC today to look at our products!