Top 10 Benefits of Carpet

If you read the Great Debate of carpet versus hardwood and came out supporting Team Carpet, you’ll be happy to know that there are even more great reasons to move ahead with the installation of your new carpet! From safety to comfort, there is a lot of support behind carpeting being the perfect floor for you. At Crystal Carpet & Flooring Company, we have ten great reasons why installing new carpeting will be the best decision you make all year.

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  1. Comfort:  Carpet is much softer than hardwood floors. It will definitely keep you warmer in the cold winter months.
  2. Colors: Carpeting comes in a wide variety of colors to match any decor in any room in your house. You can even opt for a neutral color for a timeless look through possible remodels or renovations.
  3. Types: From synthetic fibers to cotton and wool, there is a type of fiber to suit your needs. Different pile heights and thicknesses add variety in ways where hardwood simply can’t compete.
  4. Safety: For families with children, older relatives, or even just those prone to slips and falls, carpet is the much safer option. A fall onto carpet leaves much less damage than onto hardwood.
  5. Feel: Carpeting makes a home feel cozy and welcoming. There’s nothing like stepping onto a nice plush carpet after a long day at work.
  6. Acoustics: Whereas noise travels easily in houses with hardwood flooring, carpets muffle noise and provide a much quieter atmosphere, almost like soundproofing.
  7. Cost: Carpet is much cheaper to install than hardwood, and with careful maintenance, can last a long time. Carpet can also help control costs during a renovation.
  8. Sustainable: Used carpets don’t have to be thrown away! Often, old carpet scraps are used to make beautiful new rugs, recycling the material into something that will still look lovely in the home.
  9. Outdoor Use: Unlike hardwood flooring which buckles and rots with water damage, some carpeting can even be used outside! Synthetic carpets can withstand the elements and hold up to your busy family’s lifestyle.
  10. Insulation: Carpet insulates better than hardwood, which can lower your heating bill and make your house more comfortable overall. Carpeting not only warms your heart, it warms your house.
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At Crystal Carpet & Flooring, we’re excited to help you cheer on Team Carpeting! To settle the Great Debate once and for all, head to our showroom in Wilmington, NC to find the perfect plush carpet for your home.