There are a few basic thing to know when caring for you hardwood flooring. Here in Wilmington North Carolina it is even more important to understand that moisture and wetness is not your hardwood floors friend.

The number one problem that happens to hardwood floors or laminate floors is moisture problems.  All the more careful you have to be in the Southeast regions like Wilmington N.C.   We see so many people that wet mop their hardwood and laminate floors.  This cleaning method will over time swell and cup the hardwood and laminate floors.

The most important thing about caring for your hardwood and laminate floors is to keep the humidity and moisture levels to a sustainable level.  Recently we have seen people using the steam mops to clean there hardwood and laminate floors.

This is water under pressure and it will quickly cause your floors some problems.  Using the right method to clean and maintain your hardwood floor is some important to the hardwood floor finish and to it’s structure.  All wood floor maintenance products do not apply to all hardwood floors.

For instance a oil soap product like Murphy’s Oil Soap is made more for the oil finished hardwood floors not a urethane finish hardwood floor.  We have never seem problems using a different manufacturers urethane finish floor cleaner on a urethane finished hardwood made from another competing manufacturers.  Bruce hardwood floor cleaner, Bona hardwood floor cleaner, Mannington’s hardwood cleaner, Armstong, and so on seem to do the job for a urethane finished floor.

Some of the other things that make good sense to make the hardwood floor and laminate floor finishes to last the longest amount of time, is to put felt pads on all furniture.  The chairs that are used regularly must be inspected randomly and change the felt every eighteen to twenty four months.  If chair that a moved back and forth in the same spot without these felt pads will result in a ugly worn out spot.  Another tip for saving highly used areas would be to put down an area rug with a slip free padding.

This will save those high traffic area and may help it you decide to resale you house.  The other precaution you may want to consider is to always protect the floor when you decide to move something big.  For example is you move you refrigerator, it is important to roll it on top of some thin wood underlayment like luan.

There are not to many wood floor that will not mark or indent with that much weight rolling on top of it.  Many of these suggestion may seem like common sense, but sometime it is good to remember these tips before you damage you expensive floor coverings.

For Wilmington, N.C. flooring experts come by our store and see why we are the place to shop when you need any type of floor covering.  We are proud to have serve Wilmington, N.C. since 1993.  We look forward to many more year of serving the great town of Wilmington, N.C.