Join the Dark Side: The Benefits of Dark Wood Flooring

It’s not as scary as it sounds or looks. Dark wood flooring is a big trend in hardwood floors. Dark wood stains on your hardwood flooring can add drama to your space, anchoring your design choices in deep, rich browns. So why make the choice? Are you ready to take the plunge to the dark side? We asked some of the experts here at the Crystal Carpet & Flooring Company Showroom in Wilmington, NC to give us the down-low on deep, dark wood flooring.

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What if I have a small space?

Here’s the trick: dark wood flooring is a great way to make small spaces, such as condominiums or beach houses, look lush and expensive. It’s not the size of the space that determines the success or failure of a dark wood floor – it’s the amount of light. Whether your space is a bright dining room with excellent track lighting or a bright chandelier, or a living room accented with a big bay window, a well-lit space is the key to rocking these deep, dark wood floors.

Doesn’t it show scratches?

The truth is that yes, dark wood flooring does show scratches slightly more than its light cousins. A small price to pay for that kind of drama, we say! But if you’re truly concerned, never fear. First of all: all wood floors show scratches, and we recommend keeping your wood floors in tip top shape regardless of the color.  Whether scratches are apparent or not, get your wood floors retreated by a professional every few years to ensure they remain in top condition.

How dark is too dark?

This one’s up to you! For some, dark wood simply means a deep, lush stain that still shows the wood’s natural grain; other go fully black for real drama. Dark wood floors in a shade that matches wooden mantelpieces, doors, molding, or banisters can really jazz up a place. Make that contrast work for you with white furniture and bright, clean, geometric glass. Or stay natural with your dark stain and use more organic, earthy shades to create a warm, cozy woodsy feel.

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Do dark floors cost more?

No more than professionally lightened ones. Altering the color of your flooring in any way has a cost, but it’s absolutely worthwhile to make an investment to your home that you’ll love, every time you look at it. Naturally colored floors are always going to be the most affordable option, but to get the floor you want in your home, opt for woods that match your own personal design aesthetic.

Feeling less afraid of the dark side? Ready to take the plunge and swoon into the drama of dark wood flooring? The professionals at the Crystal Carpet & Flooring Company Showroom in Wilmington, NC are more than ready to help you along – there’s no need to be afraid of the dark!