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  • Love my new rug!

    “Love my new Loloi rug!  Thanks Crystal Carpet and Chad Garner for making such a high quality product affordable!” – Jana A. from Facebook

  • We have never been disappointed.

    With Crystal Carpet & Flooring Company, we have never been disappointed.  I’m nearing retirement in the family and commercial real estate business where I’ve worked as a Developer, a Project Manager, and a Property Manager. I met Chad Garner of Crystal Carpet & Flooring Company nearly 20 years ago via The Wilmington Apartment Association. We needed carpet replaced in our apartment building, and Chad had the right product at the right price. Over the years, Chad proved that we could depend on Crystal Carpets for all of our flooring needs. Chad has a great attitude; he runs his business with integrity; and he always follows through on his promises. His expert team of salespeople and installers provides great service and has proven to be adept at solving unique problems. On the commercial side of the industry, we encounter lots of challenges such as water problems or strict deadlines. “Callbacks” are common place, meaning that installers are asked to return due to unsuitable materials, improper installation, or failure to clean up after themselves. Yet with Crystal Carpet & Flooring Company, we have never been disappointed or needed a “callback”. That’s an impressive track record! Excellent quality, fair prices, and unmatched dependability—those are the reasons I’ve been a customer of Crystal Carpets for so long.”  – Larry C. from Harbour Associates

  • Always professional and friendly.

    “I have worked with Crystal Carpet on several occasions. Chad’s Team has always  been professional and friendly never failing to satisfy our needs. I have dealt with many carpet companies within the area and the customer service is what sets Crystal Carpet above the rest. Our relationship has exceeded my expectations, and whenever it comes to any of our flooring needs I know I’m in good hands”. – Michael Stroud from Realty World Cape Fear

  • Made my life easier.

    “Chad at Crystal Carpet has always been there to help me. As a designer my work is very demanding and chad has made my life easier. I try to find in my vendors someone who never embarrasses me and Chad and his products provides me that service”. – T.K. Allred

  • I can always count on competitive pricing, professional installation, and prompt answers.

    “Vic & Chad has been my flooring provider, and installer of choice for the past five years. When I present a budget to them  they always find the best product that fits within my clients price range. I can always count on competitive pricing, professional installation, and prompt answers to manufacture’s warranty questions. I look forward to continuing our relationship for years to come”. – Trace Adams from Adams Southeastern Construction

  • Honest, truthful and knowledgeable.

    “As a property manager and builder, I’m always on the lookout for great resources in my industry.  I first met Chad Garner as a walk-in to his store, Crystal Carpets and Colortile Plus.  From that initial encounter, I could tell that he was a swell guy:  honest, truthful and knowledgeable about his business.  Nine years later, Chad Garner is my “go-to guy” for all of my flooring materials.  In fact, everyone on the Crystal Carpets team is personable and professional.  They all know their regular customers by name, by phone number, and most importantly, by preferences.For example, one time I was working on a building project in Goldsboro, NC.  I was just two days from my project deadline and I needed several thousand square feet of flooring to get the project finished.  I placed a call to Chad, described the type of product I needed, and asked him to source and deliver the flooring sight unseen.  The following day, Chad called to say that a delivery truck was on its way to Goldsboro and would be at the job site in an hour and a half.  When the flooring arrived, it was exactly what I had envisioned.  He is so in tune with my work and my style, it’s as if he can read my mind.As a builder, I’m extremely budget conscious.  In fact, my favorite greeting for Chad is: “What kind of deal do we have today?”  You might think that independent sellers cannot compete with big box prices, but that’s not the case with Crystal Carpets and Colortile Plus.  Chad can meet or beat any price out there.  There have even been times when Chad has worked directly with reps and distributors to help me get the exact product I wanted within my tight budget.  Sometimes, I’m amazed that Chad allows me to keep buying flooring from him since I’m sure he has taken some hits while making the “impossible” possible for me over the years.Another plus is that I can always count on Chad to deliver even when I call in desperation saying: “I need it tomorrow!”  I’ve thrown several curve balls to Chad and his team on really big projects, but they’ve never disappointed.  They always come though.My instincts about Chad all of those years ago were right on target.  He is such a swell guy, I no longer view him as just a business contact; I consider him a friend.” – Petros T.

  • The results were beautiful.

    “I met Chad Garner because we belong to the same church.  My family and I fell in love with him; and I view him as an adopted son.  He is the same both personally and professionally: a good Christian man, with all of the patience in the world.  Five years ago, I had Chad and his team install carpeting and wood flooring in my home.  The installers were experienced professionals; in fact, I remember that one man was teaching his son the business too.  And, the results were just beautiful!I am currently in the process of moving into a new home.  Naturally, I’ve returned to Crystal Carpets and Colortile Plus for carpeting in the bedrooms; I wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else!   I truly appreciate that Chad treats me like a person, and not like a customer who is just another number.  He takes the time to listen, explain and suggest the best products for my needs and my budget. And, at the age of 91, I value such good old-fashioned customer service.  Chad and Crystal Carpets are rare gems in today’s world!” – Mrs. Margaret M.

  • Their work was impeccable… he won us over for life.

    “I’ve been in the business of building houses for nearly twenty years, which means that I’ve seen my fair share of carpet suppliers.  I met Chad Garner several years ago when my company was building houses in a neighborhood where Chad was also doing some work.  Chad introduced himself, and we really liked his demeanor, so we decided to give him a shot with our next carpet installation job.  Chad and his team of installers made the process absolutely painless.  Their work was impeccable, which meant we didn’t have to micro-manage and freed us to concentrate on our own work.We continued to give business to Chad, and one day, he won us over for life:  One of our clients had personally selected a wood floor for her home, but when it was installed she decided she didn’t like the character of the floor.  Crystal Carpets and Flooring was under no obligation to do anything; they had delivered and expertly installed exactly what our customer had asked for.  Yet, Chad and his team wouldn’t rest until our client was happy.  They made calls to their distributor, removed the original flooring, and replaced it with newly selected flooring at no extra charge.  I was astounded by their commitment to our customer’s satisfaction; I’d never seen anything like it!  Chad and his team continue to shine with a successful track record.To this day, I am fully committed to Crystal Carpets.  I refer all of my customers to Chad’s knowledgeable, helpful team with the confidence that they are in great hands from the selection process through to the final installation.” – Neil Sims from Sims Construction

Crystal Carpet & Flooring Company


Rated: 5 Stars By 10 Users