At Crystal Carpet & Flooring Company, we understand just how useful stairway rugs and stairway runners can be.  Imagine this: You’re in the process of redecorating your coastal North Carolina home to meet the needs of your family. While keeping your two small children and brand new puppy in mind, you’ve made some decisions about what furnishings will fit with your lifestyle. You’ve elected for hardwood flooring in the main living areas and synthetic carpeting in the bedrooms. But after refinishing the original hardwood on the staircase in your entryway, you’re stumped on how to keep it beautiful and timeless while also meeting the demands of your busy lifestyle. One design option that both looks great and functions well in your busy household is stairway rugs or stairway runners.

For households with pets and young children, carpet for stairs can protect the hardwood from scratches, marks, and other consequences of a well-loved and lived-in house. The cushioning that carpeting provides can ease falls and prevent slips. Additionally, stair runners and carpets can add a pop of color or textured design element to an otherwise simple space. A bold pattern or color on the stairs can set the mood of a house from the second you walk in the front door.

There are some considerations to make when deciding which type of stair carpet is right for your home.  First, looped carpet piles are not ideal for houses with pets, as their claws can get caught in the fibers. This causes damage to the carpet, and can lead to injury if your pet loses their footing and takes a tumble down the stairs. Also, while sisal or grain sack carpets look great in coastal areas like our home of Wilmington, North Carolina, these rugs can be slippery, which would not be ideal for small children who might not have great traction while running down the stairs. Stairs are one of the most high traffic areas in the home, so you’ll want a fiber and color that will hold up under heavy usage. If your family wears shoes in the home, consider a darker color that will hide dirt and stains between cleanings.

If you’re ready to install a stairway rug or runner of your own, head to our coastal Carolina showroom to look at our color, pattern, and fiber selections. We can provide you with plenty of samples to test in your home and help you choose the appropriate installation method to fit your budget. It’s important to consider all of the options when choosing the right carpet, and Crystal Carpet & Flooring Company has you – and your stairway – covered.