Stain Masters: The Rise of Stain-Resistant Carpets

Picture this: It’s the early ’80s. You have one of those beautiful, luxurious white carpets that you remember from TV shows like Dallas or Dynasty. You are the type of person who wears fur stoles and elbow-length gloves and gestures wildly while drinking red wine. Then, someone’s long-lost someone comes through the door! You’re shocked; you jump; the wine spills all over your irreplaceable white rug, ruining it. All is lost — or is it? Thanks to syndicated television, this is a world we all remember — the world into which Stainmaster® carpets were born.

Stainmaster® carpets: We’ve all heard of them. They came onto the carpeting scene in the ’80s, when they became the leader in stain-resistant carpeting. It was the biggest development to ever happen to the carpet industry.

Before Stainmaster® technology, we were limited to immediate stain removal efforts, which meant applying soil treatments to the stain as soon as it happened — and even then, in the best case scenarios, you could usually only remove most of the stain.

At the beginning, the chemical formula that Stainmaster® carpets used was expensive and only available to their brand. But as time went on, stain-resistant formulas became available, and today, almost all carpets and flooring are stain-resistant, scratch-resistant, and spill-proof.

What types of stain-resistant flooring are there?

These days, pretty much anything can be stain-resistant! The way these carpets, rugs, and other kinds of flooring works is through a chemical treatment. The treatment makes the carpets able to resist stains, dirt, and mess. (This doesn’t mean they don’t get dirty; it just means it takes much longer!)

What should you look for in stain-resistant flooring?

If you have pets, kids, or lots of guests…

  • And you want carpet: Go for nylon — it’s the most durable and stain-resistant carpet fiber on the market.
  • And you want hardwood: Consider choosing bamboo. It’s the most popular flooring for pets and children because it’s the most resistant wood to stains and scratches. This makes it more durable, which is good for a high-traffic home.
  • And you want vinyl: This is often the most versatile choice for someone with small children or pets. They’re scratch- and stain-resistant, quiet, easy to clean, and provides excellent traction. Luxury vinyl comes in a wide variety of designs and styles—including natural-looking wood—so it isn’t a compromise when it comes to style.

If your home gets some traffic…

  • And you want carpet: Polyester is a good stain-resistant option for homes with a regular amount of traffic. Some customers think it feels slightly more luxurious than nylon blends.
  • And you want hardwood: Harder woods (like bamboo, oak, or maple) withstand traffic better than softer ones. Choice of color can depend entirely on taste—but sometimes, customers who are worried about possible stains find darker woods more appealing.
  • And you want vinyl: In the industry, vinyl flooring is considered “resilient flooring,” due to its durability and scratch- and stain-resistant qualities. Inlaid vinyl will be more durable than printed vinyl, but as for the look of the floor — well, that’s up to you!

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