So many people do the wrong things to attempt to solve their problem when they have a spill or spot on their carpets. Many times it would be better to do nothing than to do the wrong things.   The first thing most people do is rub the stain into the carpet fibers or use a cleaner that will create a further problem.  So many times we are called after all the wrong things are done and at that point it is hard to reverse the first reaction step that has been done.

We can give you some basic tips to keep you out of trouble. When you have or find a spill the first thing to remember is to keep your cool and not do the wrong things.  You can normally stay out of trouble by absorbing the spill with a white cloth.  Use a white cloth don’t use a cloth with color or it could bleed into your carpet fibers.  Only blot the spot with the white cloth, don’t rub.

After this your next step is to put warm (not hot) water on the spot and continue to blot with a different white towel.   Continue repeating this process until you have gotten everything you possibly can out.  Make sure to blot the carpet firmly and continue to blot until you get as much water out as possible.

A last step in this carpet cleaning process may be to gently massage the carpet fibers with your fingers.  Remember not to scrub or rub too hard.  If you still have a spot after this process, it is normally best to call a professional to get the correct advice.  If you have some approved multipurpose carpet cleaner on hand you can apply some of it to the stain.  Make sure the carpet cleaner product you have is a product that will not cause further harm.  We recommend Stain Master’s carpet spot cleaner.

Stain Master makes a carpet cleaner that will not harm your carpets.   The last thing you want to do is put on a spot cleaner you have purchased at the grocery store or department store.  Many of these carpet spot cleaners leave a residue on the carpet fibers that is sometimes impossible to remove.  You have a much better chance of success when you don’t take the wrong steps in cleaning  spots from your carpeting.