Shaw Floors’ Floorte® LVP Flooring

Shaw Floorte LVP Flooring at Crystal Carpet Wilmington NC

For a wide-ranging selection of high-value LVP flooring options, consider Shaw Floors’ Floorte® and Floorte® Pro collections. With 25 styles and over 100 color choices, Shaw Floors stays true to its long-term goal of providing customers with multiple low-cost options for true value. With the Floorte® collections, Wilmington, NC homeowners and remodelers have access to a myriad of flooring patterns and styles that effortlessly transition from traditional to contemporary designs.

Since its inception in 1946, Shaw Floors has been committed to offering a wide variety of products with careful attention to detail. Designed to emulate top species of hardwood as well as fossilized wood, stone, and concrete, Floorte® floors can easily fit any home. Luxury vinyl planks are available in multiple sizes and widths with plank-to-plank variation, high-definition printing, and even hand-painted visuals. Choose Antica HD Plus for rustic, wire brush oak visuals; Palatino for a light, minimalistic style; or Heritage Oak planks for rich dark woods.

Beyond their expansive selection, Shaw Floors is devoted to providing the most innovative flooring available, from stain-resistant carpeting to 100 percent waterproof Floorte® Pro LVP floors. Floorte® floors feature a Fold-N-Go Locking System engineered for year-to-year durability and strength. With an Armourbead® protective layer and Soft Silence® acoustical pad, these floors are scratch- and sound-proof alike, a smart selection for the high-traffic family home.

With professional installation, Floorte® LVP floors can be used to hide subfloor imperfections or elevate the style of your space. Discover the perfect Floorte® selection for your project in the Crystal Carpet & Flooring showroom located on Oleander Drive in Wilmington, NC.