Raised Access Floors

Raised access flooring is an increasingly popular solution for commercial buildings and office spaces. This innovative modular flooring system may be the perfect fit for your space. Here’s why:

What are Raised Access Floors?

Raised access flooring consists of a load-bearing metal framework and grid system supported by adjustable vertical panels that incorporate space for wiring and ventilation underneath the floor. In other words, a raised access floor is used to provide a means of creating a void below floor level which is capable of ensuring building services are available at their required destination. Whether for electrical power, data, telecom, air conditioning, fire detection and suppression, security, or environmental control, raised access flooring is a smart solution.

The top layer of a raised access floor is constructed of readily removable panels. Other components are pedestals and stringers. This flooring system eliminates the need for embedded wiring and provides instant access to wiring and cabling, allowing for quick and easy reconfiguration. It also has the ability to handle a high heat load and perform with a high rolling and static load capacity. Raised access flooring panels can be covered with the decorative flooring finishes including, but not limited to: anti-static vinyl, static conductive vinyl, high pressure laminate, rubber, carpet tiles, wood and stone tiles.

For data centers, offices and retail spaces, this creates an ideal environment: a low-cost, energy efficient, highly adaptable space that is comfortable for its occupants. Businesses with high access flooring can adapt quickly and easily to client and technological changes – all while being cost-effective in both construction and operation.

Why Raise Your Floors?

Raised access flooring systems are especially useful for offices that need to run wiring between floors or need to add additional wiring for IT support without the challenges of wiring into existing walls or undertaking a full building remodel. Additionally, raised access flooring is also more flexible than traditional wiring systems. With this kind of modular system, it is easy to make system repairs and updates.

Raised access floors are used in a wide range of buildings including: offices with a lot of computer/telecom equipment, call centers, data processing centers, telecom switch centers, distribution centers, schools, universities, libraries, department stores and other retail facilities.

In addition to providing easy access for maintenance and repair, raised access flooring is ideal for accommodating “churn”, the number of times that the office layout has to be modified for changing requirements brought about by new technology, new personnel or new tenants to a building.

In summary, raised access flooring provides the following benefits:

• Quick and easy access to power, data, and telecom services
• Convenience and accessibility for maintenance, rerouting and upgrading of tech systems
• An under-the-floor cavity that is ideal for housing HVAC systems
• Adaptability in speculative buildings where there is a high turnover of commercial occupants with varying needs
• Versatility for “churn” situations where new layouts and new equipment configurations are often required

Why Work with Us?

Crystal Carpet & Flooring has sourced and installed raised access flooring systems for the Wilmington area’s largest corporations. There are many considerations when installing raised access flooring to ensure that it operates satisfactorily throughout its anticipated lifespan. For example, raised access flooring panels are cut on site to fit at perimeter walls and ensure proper fit for a level finished floor height. Whether gravity held, loose lay, or lock down raised access flooring, we have the tools and the expertise to get the job done right. We will work with your team to ensure that all site and structural requirements are met and that air leakage is minimized.
Furthermore, our team of dedicated local installers will ensure that your raised access flooring system will be installed in an appropriate time frame with as little disruption as possible to your company’s daily operations. Stop by our showroom today to learn more about the best raised access flooring choices for your project, budget, and design needs.

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