Quick Step Laminate Floors

Quick Step Floors are certainly quick to innovate. Be it scratch-resistance or design, these laminate floors are built to last, to shine, and to stand out. Quick Step’s flooring takes a critical look at competitor’s problems and customer complaints to develop a product that excels. Looking for laminate flooring in Wilmington, NC that focuses on the cutting-edge of flooring technology? Quick Step and Crystal Carpet& Flooring Company have you covered.
Laminate flooring differs from hardwood in that it is made from composite wood, overlaid with the image of hardwood. This innovation offers the look of hardwood at a fraction of the cost, making it an ideal option for many homeowners who would otherwise be unable to experience the look and feel of wood in their home. Laminate wood flooring is also an option for homeowners who want the look of hardwood, but feel that hardwood might not be the best ecological option. With laminate flooring being a relatively recent option for homeowners, Quick Step prides itself on being the leader in features that bring laminate flooring to the next level.
QS_Classic_U1417_RM01Quick Step features Scratchguard, making floors more resistant to stains, wear, and the general micro-scratches of day-to-day life. Protection from these seemingly invisible imperfections actually lends to preserving the like-new luster of your floors, keeping them looking newer, longer. Genuedge technology will wow you with the authentic look of wood, even replicating the feel of hardwood on your laminate floors. Quick Step also features Uniclic, preservation technology that keeps your floor from warping or experiencing water damage from spills, wet clothes, and the accidents of everyday life. Quick Step’s laminate innovations go beyond the classic look of hardwood, using these tested solutions to bring about flooring that is every bit as beautiful, but works with your active lifestyle.
eligna_u1914_rm1Surprised by all of the creative solutions laminate flooring has to offer? Come by Crystal Carpet & Flooring showroom on Oleander Drive in Wilmington for more of the future of flooring.