Polyester Rugs: Stayin’ Alive

Polyester gets a bad rap (thanks, 1973!), but rest assured: it looks a lot better on your floors than on your pants. In fact, one trend that’s here to stay is polyester carpet and polyester rugs. Read on for the pros and cons you need to know before committing to polyester in your home.

For starters, polyester rugs are known for being super resistant to bleaching, fading, and water-based stains. They also keep their color well, making them a great option for “statement” rugs. They’ll fulfill your little girl’s pink, red, and purple decorating fantasies, as well as your little boy’s sporty ones. In fact, polyester will pack the perfect punch in any room where color matters. Check out Houzz for examples of the beautiful boldness of polyester.

Polyester rugs are also durable and quick-drying. Improvements in the manufacturing of polyester carpet—think better heat settings and finer yarns—mean they’re now way better at maintaining that full, fluffy, and luxurious velvety look. Indeed, installing polyester carpet is a sure way to get those heavy, lush, soft-textured floors that up the coziness factor in your boudoir or dressing room.

Fans of Mother Earth will be pleased to know that polyester carpet has become increasingly green over the years.  Today, a percentage of your rug, not unlike your polyester fleece jackets, is often composed of recycled soft-drink bottles. Polyester is also highly reusable, meaning that, when you’re ready to change carpets, your used polyester can re-enter the circle of carpet life, rather than the local landfill.

Above all, polyester carpet allows you to stretch your decorating dollar.  There are a variety of weaves and a broad spectrum of colors which can be purchased and installed for a fraction of the price of, say, nylon carpeting. It’s a great choice for those rooms with less foot traffic (think: studies, guest rooms, etc.). However, for those rooms with high foot traffic, you’ll probably want to stick with nylon or with another carpet of comparable quality. Despite advances, polyester yarns are still relatively less resilient, and more likely to show matting and wear-spots. It’s also difficult to remove oil-based stains from polyester—so definitely steer clear of polyester carpeting in your dining room and favorite snacking spots!

That said, polyester is still a great alternative to wool carpets, especially for the cost.  And, with so many options, polyester rugs are a fine way to show off your home’s personality. (Bonus: they’re also a touch more subtle than installing a 70’s disco ball!) Want to learn more?  Boogie on down to the Crystal Carpet and Flooring Company showroom where our reps can show you the wide range of polyester carpet and rug options.