Palmetto Road Laminate Flooring

Palmetto Road Laminate Flooring focuses on bringing diversity to your laminate floor options and, most of all, to your home. While hardwood floors are subject to a certain amount of natural variation, Palmetto Road’s laminate floors can easily be altered to your desired color, length, and width, providing no end to the exciting laminate flooring options available in Wilmington, NC.
RS_PRLTC1209_2Palmetto Road has been a trusted name in floors since 1865, and is the leading manufacturer of flooring products in the Southeastern United States. Designed and patterned after the classic look of colonial wood floors, Palmetto Road prides itself on selling a product that is highly indistinguishable from hardwood flooring.
A laminate option like Palmetto Road is ideal for a busy family with an active lifestyle, or high-traffic areas in your home. They carefully choose each product for its durability as well as style. From the classic Americana looks of the Charleston and Willamsburg options, to the exotic bungalow look of the Providence Exotics options, Palmetto Road seeks to meet any home aesthetic. For those who want fine laminate flooring on a budget, the St. Augustine option provides the look and style of hardwood in six different colors at a competitive price.
With high-quality laminates like Palmetto Road, seeing is believing – visit our flooring showroom in person on Oleander Drive in Wilmington, NC.