Outdoor Carpets in the Coastal Carolinas

One of the many joys of living in a coastal area like southeastern North Carolina, is enjoying mild weather almost year-round. To maximize livable space in their homes, lots of Carolinians create second living rooms outdoors, or on their porches, that feature everything from sectional sofas to flat screen televisions to full kitchens. Outdoor carpets can be used to tie these “rooms” together, or to provide a comfortable walking surface instead of concrete or wood.

But, because Wilmington, NC— along with our neighboring beach communities— sees a lot of sun, a lot of rain, and a lot of sand, there are specific considerations to keep in mind when searching for the perfect outdoor rug:

Weather:  While bright sunny days are perfect for working on your summer tan, they’re not great for all outdoor carpets.  If the rug will be entirely outdoors with no cover, then carpet experts recommend polypropylene because not only maintains both the color and integrity of the carpet, it also wicks moisture to prevent mildew.  Likewise, man-made materials such as nylon and polyester are usually mold resistant, and last longer outside than natural materials like bamboo and jute when exposed to high humidity and persistent afternoon showers.

Durability:  In beach communities like Wrightsville Beach, Carolina Beach, and Southport, NC, outdoor carpets also need to withstand salt and sand which get trapped in the fibers.  For outdoor carpets, short carpet piles are best.  Long carpet piles tend to harbor sand and debris which can warp and stain the carpet over time. Though outdoor carpets do not last as long as indoor carpets, you still want to select a durable outdoor rug that will last through many summer barbecues and Monday night football games in front of the outdoor television.

Placement:  Placement probably matters the most when considering which outdoor carpet to purchase. If a carpet has some cover from sunlight, such as a porch or pergola, then you can choose from a wider range of material and color options. Indoor rugs can even be used in covered outdoor spaces, though they are less durable then outdoor rugs, especially in coastal climates like ours. Additionally, the angle of carpet placement affects its longevity. Placing an outdoor carpet on a slight slope allows water and moisture to drain and prevents mold and mildew from growing between the fibers.

Now that you know more about how to make outdoor carpets work in your coastal Carolina home, head over to our showroom in Wilmington, NC and take a look at our selection.