Choosing the Right Outdoor Area Rugs

Outdoor area rugs: Some people love them, some people hate them. And it’s true — they can sometimes feel like a gamble. Heavier traffic and exposure to the weather can cause a rug to deteriorate, fast. However, they have unlimited potential to brighten up any outdoor space, whether that’s a deck, a patio, or a porch.

What purpose do outdoor area rugs serve?
Like we mentioned above, outdoor area rugs can bring color and style to your outdoor spaces. They can soften an outdoor dining area, or add pattern and visual interest to a screened-in or covered porch. They’re also great for protecting your deck or patio wood and keeping your outdoor spaces clean.

Why do people love outdoor area rugs?
Here’s a surprising fact: outdoor area rugs aren’t just for the outdoors! A lot of people buy outdoor area rugs and end up using them indoors. Why? Because they’re made of materials meant to last in harsh weather conditions and as such are resistant to fading, water damage, and stains.

Another reason? They’re just plain pretty! It used to be that outdoor rugs were relatively ugly, made of an Astroturf-like plastic material. They weren’t nice to look at or to stand on. But today’s outdoor rugs are similar to indoor rugs—in variety, style, affordability, and comfort. A lot of people find themselves thinking, “If I’m going to get a rug, why not get one that’s proven to last?”

outdoor area rugs

What’s the best way to keep your outdoor area rugs from deteriorating?
Choosing the right outdoor area rug can seem daunting. Certain places have different needs. For instance, in southeastern North Carolina, your biggest challenge will be the humidity. As we all know, mold and mildew thrive in damp, humid climates like ours.

Here are a few strategies for protecting your outdoor area rugs:
Cleaning recommendations vary by rug, but you should always clean your rug at the start and end of a season, once a month, and as needed in between.
Usually, outdoor area rugs can be cleaned with a hose, brush, and diluted dish soap. Be sure to clean both sides. Afterward, hang until fully dry.
Store your rug in snowy winter months—or bring it inside! When you store a rug, remember this: Always roll, never fold.
Avoid purchasing rugs with fabric borders. They’re pretty, but they deteriorate faster.

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How long should you expect your outdoor area rugs to last?
Durability varies between rugs, but in general, they’ll need to be replaced every few years if you leave them outside year-round. How you can make them last longer: Clean them regularly, keep them in a covered area, like a screened-in or covered porch. It’s unnecessary to put a mesh pad, but that may help to prevent rot in damp areas.

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