Nuvelle Laminate Flooring

For comprehensive choice, try Nuvelle Laminate flooring. Their myriad options for color and style make laminate shopping a breeze. Nuvelle prides itself on offering more choice than anyone in the business, with over 50+ choices in color alone. With Nuvelle as an option, there is a whole new world of laminate flooring options available in Wilmington, NC.
Since 1986, Nuvelle has been making forward strides in the laminate flooring industry. The company’s focus is on making lasting innovations, rather than leaping to each new fad and trend, ensuring long-lasting successes for their offerings and your floor options. Nuvelle floors are given some of the best hands-on treatment in the business, such as wire brushing and hand sculpting, to enable realism and quality in each board.

Bevels, board length and width, and locking boards all contribute to Nuvelle’s authentic hardwood look, while also providing the cost effectiveness and convenience of care that laminate flooring brings. Nuvelle’s uniquely comprehensive flooring technology also extends to their SoftStep underlayment, the preferred option for all of Nuvelle’s floors. Their basic collections display a variety of color choice, with style availability extending into their Wild River, Baby Grand, and Cottage collections.

SoftStep is waterproof, developed for acoustic minimization, and fire resistant. Nuvelle requires professional installation, like all laminate floors, but is easily installed over a variety of subfloors. Developed for impact and installation resistance as well as style, Nuvelle is surpassingly realistic at a fraction of the cost of full hardwood.
Bring a new eye to floors with Nuvelle in the Crystal Carpet & Flooring showroom in Wilmington, NC.