What Not to Wear on Your New Carpet

You just got new carpet in your house. You have decided that everyone will remove their shoes before coming inside. You think you’re doing the right thing for your new carpet but, truth is, you’re only halfway there. Read on to see which footwear options are the best choices for your new carpet — you may be surprised!

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What shoes carry.
Shoes don’t just track dirt inside; they also carry harmful bacteria. From sidewalks that have pet waste residue to germy public bathrooms to grass treated with pesticides, your shoes walk through a lot of dirty things. Furthermore, bacteria can live for a very long time on shoes. Scientists speculate that this is because the constant new bacteria picked up on the soles of shoes feeds the old bacteria and keeps it alive longer.

Barefoot is not best.
Taking off your shoes before walking on the new carpet will help prevent tracking dirt, but going barefoot is not good either. The sweat glands in bare feet produce oils that stick in the carpet fibers and collect dirt and bacteria. The bacteria can cause odors and produce spots. Over time, this dirt gets ground into the carpet and becomes nearly impossible to remove. The oils from our feet can even seep through socks. The best way to avoid this is to wear “house shoes” or slippers for indoor wear only.

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Create a “shoes-off” space.
When you enter your house, the first thing you should do is take off your shoes and put on a comfy pair of house slippers. That sounds pretty great, right? You can create a space for your family and guests to do the same by creating an inviting place to sit and take off their shoes. A entryway bench and shoe storage would invite others to take their shoes off before entering your house. This will ensure the cleanliness and longevity of your new carpet.

Now that you know indoor shoes are the best thing to wear on carpet, are you ready for new carpet in your home? We have many types and styles to fit your lifestyle. Come visit our showroom to see our vast selection of carpets and choose one for your home.