Why You Should Never Carpet a Bathroom

When browsing through online photos of houses for sale, you may come across a bathroom feature that’s a major throwback. During the 1950’s, lining your bathroom with carpet was considered the ultimate luxury. Carpet became much more affordable after World War II ended, and in the minds of the masses, “What could be more luxurious than stepping out of the bath or shower onto plush carpet?”. Now only eight percent of homeowners keep it around because it’s proven to be a hassle and a serious health hazard.

never carpet a bathroom

At Crystal Carpet & Flooring, we’d recommend tile, LVT, cork, and LVP before we’d ever recommend carpet for your bathroom. Here’s why:

You’ll Walk on Soggy Flooring

Imagine how much water falls onto the floor when you step out of the shower or tub. It even drips from your fingertips when you finish washing your hands. Instead of air-drying on tile or linoleum, the pad under the carpet soaks up the water and delays evaporation. Over time, the dampness in the carpet and carpet pad can create moisture problems that spread to the bathroom’s subfloor, creating structural safety issues.

You’ll Encourage Bacteria Growth

When soaked fibers hold onto water for extended periods, they create the perfect environment for bacteria to thrive. Bacterial cells contain 70 percent water, so they remain hydrated in damp environments. Wet carpet patches will stay that way if there is a lot of foot traffic in the room, and since the bathroom is typically the most frequently used room in the home, it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria.

You’ll Always Fight Stains

Shampoo, soap, makeup, toothpaste, and hair gel are just a few of the products that could potentially stain carpet in the bathroom. Even if you can get fresh stains out quickly, they can come back repeatedly due to wicking or remaining residue that becomes sticky, attracting dirt soil. You’ll save more time with bathroom flooring that only requires five minutes of mopping than a lifetime of stain removal.

You’ll Deal with Bad Odors

As bacteria multiplies unseen in bathroom carpeting, it emits volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that create everyone’s favorite well-used locker room odor. This scent (often found in a car carpets or rugs) is exacerbated by high humidity. Musty carpet odors aren’t just bothersome; they are also dangerous — VOCs can cause serious health effects like headaches, dizziness, and fatigue.

Better Options

Many people like the idea of walking on something plush after a hot shower, but carpet isn’t your only option. You may enjoy these carpet alternatives that are easier to work with and care for instead.

Invest in Luxurious Rugs

You can also lay cotton or chenille rugs in front of your sinks and toilets (over top of other flooring surfaces like LVT, ceramic tile, or LVP). Small rugs are can be washed regularly just by tossing them in with the laundry.

Use Outdoor Carpeting Indoors

Moisture-resistant outdoor carpets are a great way to add character to your porch, but you can also use them in your bathroom. Simply wash them off with a hose and hang them up to dry or wash them according to the instructions on the rug’s label. They’re more breathable than carpet, so they won’t host bacteria and hold onto water in the same way carpet does.

Strategize with the Pros

There are myriad ways to create a luxurious, comfortable bathroom without keeping or installing carpet. Save yourself time and money by contacting our team to discuss how we can help find the perfect flooring solutions for your bathrooms.