Mohawk Tile Floors

A leader in floor coverings since 1878, today Mohawk is the world’s largest floor covering manufacturer. With global reach and environmental focus, Mohawk brings their 360-degree view to the Crystal Carpet and Flooring Company showroom in Wilmington, NC.
mohawk tile
Mohawk focuses on sustainability, in keeping with their worldwide method of business. Mohawk is the single largest recycler of plastic soda bottles in North America. In addition, they’ve reduced water usage by half on each square footage of carpet – a measureable commitment to their green promises. If you’re on the lookout for floors that are every bit as environmentally sound as the earth beneath it, Mohawk is the manufacturer for you.
Mohawk’s tile offerings are about more than just floors. Mosaic, decorative, and wall tiles are all part of their catalogue. With a vast array of colors, sizes, and finishes, Mohawk floors are perfect for expressing your home style. On the cutting edge of floor tile technology, Mohawk offers such new developments as Microban, which eliminates bacteria and odors on your tile floors.

For the look of real stone, Mohawk offers Reveal Imaging tiles, with each tile detailed and veined for the non-repeating effect that makes the difference in believability. Mohawk’s proud manufacturing tradition means that most of their Reveal Imaging floor tiles are made right here in North America, just another aspect of the company’s commitment to sustainability.

mohawk tile 2
See for yourself what the global reach of a company like Mohawk can provide for your tile floors, right here in Wilmington, NC, at the Crystal Carpet and Flooring Company Showroom on Oleander Drive.