Mohawk Hardwood Floors

For stress-free, quality hardwood flooring from a trusted industry leader, look no further than Mohawk Hardwood Floors. Available at Crystal Carpet and Flooring Company in Wilmington, NC, this durable, high-quality, hardwood flooring line has been a household name in residential and commercial flooring since 1878.
As the world’s largest flooring company, Mohawk considers the way that a fine floor can ground and center your design focus while adding value to your home. Their hardwood options are both luxurious and practical, bringing the beauty of nature into your living space and keeping it there with durable, easy-to-maintain designs. Mohawk is also focused on stewardship, investing heavily in flooring options such as bamboo, which is highly renewable and produces almost no waste during the manufacturing process. In addition, bamboo planks can be engineered with twice the hardness as other flooring crops, such as standard oaks.
g_hardwood_multi_2Mohawk offers one of the most comprehensive flooring catalogs in the business. With domestic and exotic woods, engineered and solid wood flooring, and over a dozen unique species, you’ll find a kaleidoscope of color and pattern for your residential or commercial floor. Mohawk offers factory-treated pre-finished floors, which can be installed without the extra days and mess of installing unfinished flooring in your home. Factory-applied Mohawk-exclusive finishes such as Scotchgard™ repel dirt and dust, keeping your floors lustrous for longer. Mohawk’s CrystalShield™ features aluminum oxide, bringing durability to the next level. Finishes such as these are applied at the manufacturer level, extending the life of your hardwood floor for years to come. Combine these with Crystal Carpet and Flooring Company’s own lifetime installation warranty, and you’ve got a classic, beautiful investment in your home.
g_hardwood_2Come visit us to experience the hundreds of options available from Mohawk hardwood floors. Stand on Mohawk’s flooring at our Crystal Carpet and Flooring Company showroom on Oleander Drive and see why we stand behind it.