Matching hardwood flooring is not always a easy task. Many people do not understand the difficulties of matching up hardwood floors to your existing hardwoods.  There is a lot to consider.  How old is you existing hardwood flooring?  Do you plan to refinish your existing hardwood flooring?  Does the area you want new hardwood floors connect to the existing hardwood floors?  How much hardwood floor area does your existing floor count for?  If doing a patch or small repair, is there attic stock of the original flooring or is there a closet area you can take up and use?

Some might think you can add some unfinished hardwood floors to your existing hardwood floors, then refinish them and they will automatically match up.  Hardwood that is grown in one area of the world will not necessary match up to another hardwood grown elsewhere.  Sometimes you get lucky and get a satisfactory match.  There are many different circumstances we come across when matching existing hardwood flooring.  There are many interior design tricks that will help you get a satisfactory solution.  Here are some different thoughts from designer when matching up to existing hardwood floors.

It is better to not try to match the existing hardwood than to try and miss.

Sometimes if you can break your eye with a transition or threshold in the doorway it help if the match is not perfect.

When adding a different room of hardwood to the existing hardwood it can look stunning with a extremely different color hardwood flooring.  Sometimes it looks custom done when you add a boarder that matches your existing hardwood floor inside the contrasting different hardwood flooring.

If matching in the middle of a big room, you must finger joint with a unfinished hardwood and pretest stains prior to installation.

Sometimes if there is not a lot of existing hardwood flooring it is just best to take up the old flooring and start from scratch.  Sometimes this way will pay you the most return when you sell the home.

You can consider turn the direction the wood flooring is running to give yourself a different look.

Many people do not consider how much of the hardwood flooring will be covered up by furniture and area rugs.

There is much to think about when you want to try to match up to some existing hardwood, so take your time.  Remember whenever you put in some new flooring make sure you save some to put in the attic encase you may need it later.  If you have put in some hardwood recently that does not match up perfectly,  remember over time most wood tone will deepen and may match better over a good length of time.  If you a considering to match some hardwood floors, we suggest you really take your time and weight all your options.  There is many things that could cause you some dissatisfaction if you are not careful.

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