The Magic of Masland Carpets and Rugs

Masland carpets — maybe you’ve heard of it, maybe you haven’t. In a nutshell, Masland Carpets and Rugs is known as the best in the business and is the essential high-end carpet of the interior design world. Usually, a Masland carpet is made from 100% New Zealand wool, though they also work with nylon and silk blends. It’s the carpet that interior designs want to put in their own homes.

masland broadloom carpets

Founded in Philadelphia, Masland has been in business since 1866 — that’s a stunning 150 years of quality service. Today, Masland is the leading carpet manufacturer in the United States. It would be easy for a company of their caliber to rest on their laurels, but they’re constantly innovating and finding new ways to offer an astounding variety of unique, high-quality wool and nylon rugs.

Let’s take a look at some of Masland’s newest product offerings — and how they might fit in your coastal Carolina home.

Infinity IQ Program “Stripe” Area Rug: Casual, modern, and 100% wool, the Stripe area rug is made in the US and made to order in any shape or size. For coastal homes, we recommend the sky color. It’s a great print for homeowners looking to do double duty with their décor—the print is beachy enough to feel casual, yet muted enough to remain a classy accent piece.

masland stripe area rugs

“Alexia” Area Rug: If you’re seeking classic elegance, take a look at Masland’s Alexia rug. This luxurious, velvety, 100% New Zealand wool carpet boasts a gorgeous traditional pattern, full of medallions and interlocking leaves. Our favorite color combinations are the earthy browns of color 694, and the statement reds of color 180. This rug could make a striking addition to any home’s living or dining room.

Brink & Campman Collection “Rocks” Area Rug: This 100% wool shag-style rug is a perfect fit for a family room or child’s room in coastal Carolina. Our favorite color choices are 70513 for its bright, coral feel; and 70517 with its beachy blues and greens.

“Florentine” Area Rug: The Florentine rug is a 100% New Zealand wool woven cut pile rug in a classic pattern. It can be made any size and has an array of eight stunning colors. The pattern’s curling vines are complemented by straight rectangular borders. Of the color options, we love the warmth of color 680, with its light umber and tan combination, or the calm blue-green of 545.

Like any high-end product, Masland carpet is made to last. Their styles range in price but can generally be considered an investment for your future. And when you see one for yourself, you’ll see why. If you’re curious about Masland’s products, you’re in luck! Crystal Carpet and Flooring is a proud Masland carpet distributor. Head down to our showroom today to take a closer look at their rugs — and see for yourself why interior designers swear by them.