Masland Area Rugs

Already a trusted name in carpets and floor coverings for a century and a half, Masland Carpets and Rugs specialize in custom area rugs. With broadloom carpets at the center of their business, Masland is proud to bring that same quality to their custom area rug creation system.

Since 1866, Masland area rugs has prized impeccable manufacturing in their business practices, with over one million square feet of factory space dedicated to producing and ensuring your area rug or carpet purchase is top-of-the-line. This clear focus on production has created carpets and rugs with an original, colorful flair that puts them a cut above the rest.
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With hundreds of options for custom area rugs at your fingertips in the Crystal Carpet and Flooring Company showroom, it’s hard to believe home design could get any more personal. Masland takes it to the next level with their stand-out offering: Infinity Rugs, a custom area rug design program. Customers can log into a dedicated website and choose their pattern, size, and color scheme from a massive array of options. These rugs are custom-crafted from organically dyed New Zealand virgin wool, which preserves color and gives each rug a decadent, classic feel.
To see the magic of Infinity Rugs and Masland’s superior manufacturing for yourself, visit the Crystal Carpet and Flooring Company Showroom on Oleander Drive in Wilmington, NC.