Mannington Hardwoods

Mannington residential flooring is an American leader in luxury floor coverings since 1915. With products proudly made in the USA, Mannington Hardwoods values sustainability and a keen eye to flooring trends. Mannington hardwood floors are manufactured in Salem, New Jersey and shipped to you via the Crystal Carpet and Flooring Company showroom in Wilmington, NC.
Mannington’s corporate philosophy combines family-owned tradition and time-tested American manufacturing techniques with a 21st century approach to style. With nearly 100 years of flooring history, Mannington was not afraid to embrace the tools of this century with blogs, online style tips, and more geared toward the modern consumer.
From aesthetic inspiration to ease of living, Mannington’s floors are perfect for those seeking fashionable floor coverings that work with their busy lifestyles. Mannington’s commitment is evident in its strong track record; the company has won more awards for performance and style than any other flooring manufacturer.
HardwoodProductPage2Mannington offers engineered hardwood, a new innovation that changes the hardwood flooring game as we know it. Where solid hardwood can create installation challenges and cannot be applied directly to concrete floors, engineered hardwood can. In addition, engineered hardwood is crafted for structural soundness, and won’t create gaps or buckles, the way solid flooring can. Mannington offers three distinctly curated collections of hardwood – the American Classics, Exotics, and their Handcrafted Collection. American Classics speak of American tradition, but don’t let the word ‘classic’ bore you. This collection contains a variety of colors, lengths, and widths to suit the style of any room in your home. The Exotics collection brings in an international flair, giving dramatic variety and patterning to your living space. Finally, the Handcrafted collection is all about uniqueness, offering everything from dark woods to whitewashes in a diverse range of lengths and widths.
To appreciate Mannington Hardwoods style in person, come by our showroom on Oleander Drive, right in the heart of Wilmington, NC.