Lunada Bay Tile

Inspired by the beauty and light of the southern California coast, Lunada Bay tiles are truly a work of art. Lunada Bay creates handcrafted glass, ceramic, wood, and pewter tiles in a multitude of colors, styles, textures, shapes, and sizes. For tiles that captures guests’ attention and shine with coastal calm and sophistication, Crystal Carpet & Flooring Company presents Lunada Bay Tile.

Inspired by classic artistry and technique, Lunada Bay textured and stained glass tiles reflect and refract light for gorgeous shifts in color and illumination. And, Lunada Bay ceramic tiles with specialized glazes create gorgeous, unique flooring. Strikingly beautiful in design and style, the tile collections of Lunada Bay match both modern and traditional aesthetics.

Lunada Bay Tile available at Crystal Carpet & Flooring Company Wilmington NC

Like the gorgeous coastal sunsets, Lunada Bay Tile’s glass tiles sparkle and shine. Their tile collection includes over 20 styles such as reflective Agate, opalescent Luce, classic Venetian, stained glass Rainbow, and colorful Tommy Bahama. Ceramic watercolor tiles are available in shades of white and cream as well as gorgeous light blues and greens in the O’Keefe style. Ceramic tiles are also available in the Shinju and Shinju Mirai styles, inspired by the texture and color of sands. The Shinju style is matte and neutral, while the Shinju Mirai style is covered with a rich glaze available in light neutrals like Kumamoto and Moonstone and dark brown and black glazes like Pacific and Olympia.

Lunada Bay also offers solid wood tiles, available in Amberwood, Chocolate Oak, Honey Pine, Mahogany, Teak, and White Oak. Wood tiles can be made in multiple shapes and sizes, including basket weave, herringbone, spiral, and concentric. For a unique modern look, Contourz concrete tiles are available in 3D textured styles like the flowery Trifecta and hexagonal Fanfare Hex.

Lunada Bay Tile available at Crystal Carpet & Flooring Company Wilmington NC

Want tiles that transform your flooring into a work of art? Consider Lunada Bay Tile. Crystal Carpet & Flooring Company is one of the select authorized design showrooms chosen by Lunada Bay Tile to guide customers through tile selection, design, and professional installation. We’re happy to carry Lunada Bay tiles in a number of colors and styles. To see them for yourself, come by our showroom today.