Lexmark Flooring

Lexmark Flooring available at Crystal Carpet & Flooring Company
A trusted and proven brand in the hospitality industry, Lexmark Flooring creates extraordinary hospitality environments. The company is well known for its use of pattern, texture, and color in their custom carpets, LVT, and carpet tiles. Committed to crafting floors that make places far from home feel like home, Lexmark added a residential flooring line to their commercial flooring offerings in 2011. In many ways, residential flooring and hospitality flooring are similar — they both aim to provide an environment that blends comfort, durability, and style.

Lexmark Flooring is a trusted brand in the hospitality commercial flooring market with myriad options for guest rooms and public spaces. If you close your eyes to picture the floor of the last hotel or lobby you walked through, what do you remember? With intricate and unique pattern and color combinations, a floor from the Lexmark Tile and Flooring Hospitality Collection is an encounter guests will remember. Their newest collection, “Saved by the 80’s and 90’s,” boasts vibrant purples, pinks, and yellow geometric shapes against a dark background. This trendy collection is starkly different from more traditional patterns like the neutral colors of The Aria Collection, or the heathered simplicity of The Monaco Collection. Whether you’re seeking an understated look or flair for your flooring, The Lexmark Hospitality Collection has something to satisfy your vision.

Having expanded into residential flooring with carpets designed to last and colors crafted to stay vibrant, Lexmark Tile and Flooring now carries carpets and area rugs that make a statement in your home. Using an intentional yarn system, Lexmark ensures each strand is saturated with color to keep the room feeling lively, even after many years. True to form, the Lexmark residential line offers options for every personality. The ornate swirls of the Florence style are perfect for an elegant living room, whereas solid colors with minimal pattern from The Key West collection can direct attention to other focal points like art or a vase of flowers. Home is a place where we have a lot of freedom to truly personalize a space, and Lexmark Tile and Flooring’s residential collection supports this idea with options to suit every design aesthetic.

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