Kronotex USA Laminate Flooring

Looking for laminate flooring in Wilmington, NC produced by a team with quality as their watchword? Consider Kronotex USA Laminate Flooring. Their manufacturing process considers the quality of life for you and your home, while simultaneously considering our other home – the planet. Kronotex USA Laminate Floors boast environmentally-conscious factories and plants.
The company is a fusion of two great histories – a division of the Swiss Krono Group, bringing a fine history of European engineering, their flooring products are now proudly made, manufactured, and developed in the USA. Kronotex’s main plant has the distinction of being the largest laminate flooring manufacturing plant in America. In addition to being the largest, sanderlin-roomKronotex also proudly bears Greenguard certification, bringing a stamp of approval to their environmentally-conscious work. Kronotex uses sustainably farmed pine trees for the core of all of their offerings, enabling them to provide the look and feel of any exotic wood without harming species that may be endangered or threatened.
stone-harbor-roomKronotex’s long-lasting and warranty-protected flooring also lends to their environmentally friendly vision. Kronotex floors are designed to stay in place for 30 years or more, diminishing landfall and production waste. Those seeking a low-maintenance option for their green homes are likely to love Kronotex – their floors never require refinishing or harsh chemicals. Style choices range abound. From the classic Valley Forge and Berkeley Lane collections, featuring the look of classic American hardwood floors, to the Dalton Ridge and Stone Harbor collections, offering the flair of exotic woods at the cost of laminate flooring, there is something for everyone. Looking for the most cost-effective option backed by Kronotex quality? Try the Liberty line of affordable, beautiful laminate floors.
See American manufacturing at its best at the Crystal Carpet & Flooring showroom on Oleander Drive, located in Wilmington, NC.