Kraus LVP Flooring

Kraus LVP Flooring at Crystal Carpet Wilmington NC

For affordable, high-performance LVP flooring in any shade or style, explore our expansive selection from Kraus Flooring. As one of the largest flooring companies in North America, Kraus offers time-tested flooring solutions for high-traffic residential and commercial spaces.

Founded in 1959, Kraus Flooring prides itself in providing customers with superior flooring options that are cost-effective and long-lasting. As the company approaches its 60th anniversary, upgrades in technology ensure their LVP flooring options fit the bill. SwiftClean waterproof protectants are chemically-bound to floors in order to preserve multifaceted wood-look details over time, and PearlTouch™ Ceramic Bead technology ensures the finish remains pristine, no matter how many busy feet and paws bustle through. Patented locking systems guarantee flooring stays in place and fully sealed, preventing moisture absorption and the growth of mold and bacteria — ideal for Wrightsville Beach houses or Carolina Beach cottages. What’s more, LVP floors with sound-suppressing underlayments cover subfloor imperfections and provide insulation from noise and cold, a perfect touch for downtown Wilmington rental properties.

While these floors are built to last from the surface to their core, their beautiful variations in color, tone, and wood grain are sure to please your eye for design as well. Designed with complimentary colors in a number of plank widths and sizes, Kraus LVP floors effortlessly blend with any decor or color scheme. Consider the Aspen Peak collection for high-performance floors with a clean finish in classic darkwood Rowan or gray-taupe Canyon View for a unique mix of warm and cool tones. For a more contemporary touch, try Echo Bay’s crisp light gray Winter’s Tale or Carlota Plank’s sleek Maribel Maple. Looking for the traditional hardwood style without the upkeep? Peruse the ultra-durable Robusto Plank and Rustic Estate collections for texture-rich, natural wood-look LVP floors.

No matter the style, Kraus Flooring offers LVP floors that are guaranteed to last, with multi-year warranties to match. Find yours at the Crystal Carpet & Flooring showroom in Wilmington, NC.