JJ Haines Tile

Bringing the history of the American South to the modern age, JJ Haines Tile is the largest distributor of floor coverings in the country. And just like Southern hospitality, JJ Haines is focused on you, the customer. We take that to heart in our very own Crystal Carpet and Flooring Company showroom, located in the beautiful Wilmington, NC.

JJ Haines believes that tile can be purchased anywhere, but what the customer needs and deserves is expert service and logistics on the business end. JJ Haines began humbly as a general store in Upperville, VA, founded in 1874. That sense of pride and accountability in everything they do continues today, in both their commercial and residential tile products. Haines firmly believes “there’s more to doing business than business. It’s about people.”
jj haines tile
JJ Haines offers ceramic tile that is beautiful, versatile, and durable, in a massive array of colors and textures. JJ Haines also offers coordinating tile options for wall and countertops, bringing a unified design feel to your residential or commercial project. From porcelains and glass to metal and stone, Haines’ options run the gamut of aesthetically pleasing, practically durable, and ecologically sound. As always, any order from JJ Haines comes with their top-notch customer service, promising patience, understanding, and in many cases – next day delivery from their East Coast warehouses.

To see what Southern hospitality can do for your home flooring project, stop in to the Crystal Carpet and Flooring Company showroom on Oleander Drive, in Wilmington, NC.