Indusparquet Brazilian Hardwood Flooring

Indusparquet Brazilian Hardwood available at Crystal Carpet & Flooring Company
The name Indusparquet is synonymous with premium Brazilian hardwood flooring. A family-owned business based in Brazil, the company is considered a world-leader in Brazilian hardwood, with its flooring found in some of the world’s most famous settings, including The Vatican and the Taj Mahal. You, too, can have Indusparquet Brazilian hardwood flooring in your home or business.

The world’s top architectural and interior design firms use Indusparquet in their projects for a number of reasons beyond the products’ obvious beauty and style. Committed to ethics, sustainability, and technology, Indusparquet Brazilian hardwoods feature ClearVue™, a crystal clear nine-coat finish that allows the rich colors and textures of the hardwood to shine through. This means that Indusparquet floors require minimal maintenance and do not require waxing.

Another trademarked process, Induro™, delivers unprecedented scratch- and abrasion-resistance thanks to high-performance aluminum oxide crystals. This means that Indusparquet meets the demands of even the most heavily trafficked commercial work spaces. Finally, the flooring planks undergo ANSI-level finish- and quality control tests to assure quality in every area.

Indusparquet has two collections: Smooth and Textured. The Smooth collection features planks with eighteen different types of wood from Brazilian Rosewood to Brazilian Teak. Whether you want your floors to be light-colored or dark, wide or narrow, the planks in the Smooth collection appear classically minimalist and polished. The Textured collection offers similar color, size, and wood options, but with a different look: hand-scraped, wire-brushed, or stained planks.

No matter the style, all of Indusparquet’s Brazilian hardwood flooring planks are backed with the same intentional production methods that focus on stability and strength. Indusparquet’s hardwood boasts a higher lbf than domestic counterparts, making it more stable. Indusparquet also allows the wood to breathe during a six-month drying process before putting it into production. This removes unnecessary moisture for better performance in your home or workspace.

Finally, Indusparquet is committed to sustainability, crafting its products with a long-term view on forest preservation. The company works closely with the Brazilian government, which strictly controls timber harvest. The guidelines of IBAMA (Brazilian Institute of the Environment and Renewable Natural Resources) require lumber to be sourced from reforestation or managed forests. Only eight trees per ¾ acre can be removed from the forest, and trees that provide food for animal or carry seeds cannot be extracted. Because fewer trees are removed and the fertile ones left untouched, the forest can regenerate naturally. By-products are used to create innovative recycled designer products or to generate energy in the factory boilers, ensuring that 100% of the harvested trees are used.

You don’t have to travel all of the way to The Vatican or The Taj Mahal, to experience Indusparquet Brazilian hardwood flooring. Visit Crystal Carpet & Flooring Company to learn more about this exquisite and long-lasting flooring choice.