Be it commercial carpets selected for color, or soft, plush carpet selected for comfort, knowing how to choose the right carpet padding can make or break your carpet choice. With the diversity of factors that goes into selecting carpet, the guidance of a professional is paramount to picking the proper carpet padding. From density to insulation, here are some key facts and figures to know when you meet with your local carpet professional at Crystal Carpet and Flooring Company in Wilmington, NC.

The Making Of…

The padding that goes under your carpet serves as a layer between the carpet and your floor, insulating, protecting, and softening the floor in your home. Carpet padding is typically made from rebond, a type of foam composite crafted from industrial foam scraps and re-constituted into flat rolls. Other materials include polyurethane, which is ideal for environments with a very short carpet lifespan, or the vast array of synthetic options on the market. These man-made carpet padding materials often feature the latest technology when it comes to moisture-resistance, mildew control, and antimicrobial properties.

Weighing In

The foam in carpet padding is named according to density, for example: 6LB padding contains six pounds of foam fiber in a cubic foot. The Federal Housing Administration requires a minimum of 6LB padding for all homes. The denser your carpet padding is, the longer it will last, but if it weighs in above a certain poundage, the padding can become too stiff for comfort.

Thick or Thin

Carpet padding is also quantified by the thickness of the padding itself, typically measured in sixteenths of an inch. Thick padding can be plush and comfortable, however padding that is too thick can cause wrinkles and buckling in your carpet. Most carpets come with a manufacturer-recommended padding thickness, another key reason to contact a professional for help when selecting carpet padding. Using padding that is too thick or thin can void your carpet’s warranty, and actually cause damage to your carpets over time.

Serve and Protect

Some of the higher-end carpet padding options can be instrumental in extending the life and look of your carpet investment. Some rebond foams include Memory Foam, allowing carpet to snap back to its original look and feel. Spill Trap technology features a layer of plastic between the carpet and pad, blocking stains and spills from soaking into the pad. This helps control odors and stubborn stains from soaking in and permanently shortening the life of your carpet.

Function First

Always consider the usage of the carpeted room when you invest in carpet padding. Is the area high traffic or low? Will the floor be used for comfort, such as television watching in a living room or play in a child’s room? Are there disabled members of the household, who may use wheelchairs or other apparatus to get around? Carpet padding with a lot of depth or low density can make traversing hallways difficult for these family members.

Now that you know a thing or two about the world of carpet padding, check in with the professionals at the Crystal Carpet and Flooring Company on Oleander Drive, next to Burt’s Surf Shop. Serving New Hanover County, Brunswick County and the surrounding areas, our industry experts can help you pick padding that enhances the life and look of your carpet.