Hardwood flooring moisture is normally the most common problem to both hardwood & laminate flooring.   In fact the book the National Wood Flooring Association puts out call Problems, Causes, & Solutions deals primary with the issue of moisture.  Hardwood & laminate flooring normally take lots of different abuse, but moisture is it worst enemy.  In the Southeastern regions it is very important to take precaution against moisture if you want your flooring  not to fail.

So what are some good precautions to take & is there something I can do if I have a current moisture problem you may ask?

First take a moisture reading or do a calcium chloride test on your concrete floor before you buy & install your hardwood or laminate flooring.

If your readings are high you have options.  Some hardwood floors are more stable than others as well as laminate floors.  So your floor choice can make a difference.  Don’t stop here if you moisture is too high.

There are moisture floor sealers that reduces the handles higher levels of moisture pressure.  Also there are one step wood flooring adhesive that has a sealer built in.  Bostik has an excellent one call Ultra-Set SingleStep.  The cost of this wood floor adhesive may seem expensive, but it would look like a drop in the bucket compared to ripping out a failed floor.

Many people are encapsulating underneath their homes in the crawlspace area.  This will help give a much better environment for a hard surface product like hardwood or laminate floors.

If you already have a moisture problem you many consider putting in a dehumidifier system under the crawlspace. If you are on a slab a dehumidifier in the house could not hurt.