Hallmark Floors

Hallmark Floors available at Crystal Carpet & Flooring Company
Everything is better when it comes from a small batch. From soaps to beer to chocolate, small batch products feel artisanal and intentionally crafted. This is the case with Hallmark Floors. Made by professional hardwood craftspeople, Hallmark offers over one hundred beautiful, durable, and artistically-crafted options for hardwood flooring. Their product lines include solid hardwood, engineered hardwood, waterproof floors, and commercial flooring.

Hallmark Floors offers several unique engineered hardwood collections: Organic 567, Alta Vista, Ventura, Monterey, Novella, Chaparral, Silverado, Organic Solid, and Crestline Solid. Anchored in authenticity and available in varying lengths, the Organic 567 collection offers planks with contemporary colors and handcrafted markings for a raw wood look. Inspired by old European styles, the Alta Vista collection includes wire-brushed planks that are durable enough to build a ship, making them a perfect choice for high-traffic households. The Ventura collection features the classic aesthetic of oak, maple, or hickory in engineered hardwood.

Hallmark Floors’ True Collection is inspired by the natural phenomenon called the bog-wood process. When logs have sat at the bottoms of lakes, river bottoms, swamps or waterways for decades, centuries, or longer, they are deprived of sunlight and oxygen. This, combined with the effects of water flow, bind minerals and iron in the water with tannins in the wood, naturally staining the wood in the process and increasing its hardness. Hallmark Floors offers twelve options in the True Collection that mimic the bog-wood aging process with color that lasts – from the visible top layer right through to the plank’s core.

  • Ultra-thick multi-generational wear layer, which provides lasting durability and guarantees multiple sandings
  • 100% natural color — no dyes or stains — with color penetrating all the way through the wear layer
  • Easy to repair and/or touch up, when needed

Interested in learning more about how Hallmark Floors could enhance your home or business? Set up a consultation with a flooring professional from Crystal Carpet & Flooring Company. After discussing your vision, we can help find a Hallmark collection that is right for you.