Grout can be the hardest part of maintaining your ceramic tile.   When you come to Crystal Carpet & Flooring Company you have experts ready to help you put the grout problems in the past.  If you have struggled maintaining & cleaning your shower area, counter tops & back splash, or your ceramic tile floor;  you can appreciate this new break threw in the epoxy grouts.  We have seen many people over the years fight with their light color grouts & of course the shower area that always seems to be stained with mildew.  We have seen people come in looking for the miracle cleaning products.  We have seen people painting their grouts with a grout paint.  (WHAT A TEDIOUS JOB)  There is the people that work hard to keep ahead of it by sealing the grout every year or two.  On your next ceramic tile project, would it not be nice to say good bye to the grout problems?

Epoxy grouts have been around for a good while, but they can be hard to use, messy, and expensive.  In the past we primary used them in the industrial kitchen areas on commercial jobs.  Now we can offer our customer all the benefits of epoxy without the ordeal you get from the regular epoxy products.  We are using a product called Spectura Lock.  This product has many different values.  Of course the stain proof quality is on of the best features but there is many other benefit that many people may not think of.   For example you will never need to seal the grout which is a savings every year.  The clean ability is so much easier.  The Spectura Lock Grout has no pigment, which makes for a perfect match if you have a future repair or this also prevents cold joints between grout batches.

The investment of the Spectura Lock Grout is a easy choice when you look at the savings each year & the long term investment of the property.  The upgrade cost of this epoxy grout is normally less than the cost of the sealer used in the first year of two max.  To most people the time save in cleaning itself is way worth the upgrade.  So for more info on getting rid of you grout problems forever call the pros at Crystal Carpet & Flooring Company.