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We'll help you keep your new luxury vinyl flooring looking its best with a few of our expert tips and guidelines.

floorte vinyl flooring | Crystal Carpet & Flooring
Basic Vinyl Maintenance

It's super easy and convenient to care for your new vinyl floor. All you'll need to do is sweep or vacuum regularly. (Don't use a vacuum with a beater bar because this can scratch your vinyl.)


You can wet mop your vinyl floor too. Consider a little preventative maintenance as well—removing shoes before walking across your flooring, keeping your pet's nails trimmed, and investing in a doormat or two.

Vinyl Spills & Stains

Waterproof and easy-care vinyl is very simple to keep clean, but you should wipe up any spills with a clean, dry cloth as soon as possible. If needed, use a manufacturer-approved cleaning product.


If you do encounter a challenging stain, please refer to the manufacturer's care guide for specific options and treatments.

Vinyl flooring | Crystal Carpet & Flooring

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