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Why You Need a Rug Pad

Once you've invested in a great area rug or two, you should make sure it stays where you want it! If your new rug tends to bunch up under your feet or slide around when you step on it, there’s a simple solution: a rug pad! Rug pads keep you, your family, and your guests safe from slipping and tripping.


Rug pads also create additional space and cushion beneath the rug, which helps keep the flooring underneath clean and protected while simultaneously making your rug more comfortable.


Like carpet padding, a rug pad will help your floor last longer, even in high traffic areas.

Standard Rug Pads

A standard rug pad offers good protection and is made from a slip-resistant webbed material. This type of pad should do a good job of preventing your rug from sliding out from underneath you when you step on it.

You can either order as a roll and cut it to size or order a pre-cut pad in the specific size you need.

Premium Rug Pads

These types of rug pads boast premium felt or polyester blends that are coated to help them stick to the floor. This offers extra protection against unwanted movement.

A premium rug pad also helps prevent scratches under the rug and adds a layer of soft and comfortable padding.

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