How to Add Interest to Your Floors

Whether it’s specially-cut tiles or planks, unique flooring patterns and designs, interesting measurements or all of the above, at Crystal Carpet & Flooring Company, we know how to create eye-catching room-finishing techniques for your floors. If you’re looking to add interest to your floors, here are a few flooring patterns for you to consider.

Lay it Slant: One way to add interest to flooring patterns is to think outside straight lines and lay your flooring diagonally. A diagonal layout pattern using tiling or wood flooring can make a room seem more interesting and playful in its design. Straight tiling, on the other hand, is easy to count and can look strict, plain, and small. Because diagonals are less uniform and disappear into the walls, they also open up smaller rooms, like guest bathrooms. Cutting and laying tile diagonally takes careful measurement and expertise, which is where expert consultation and installation become must-haves.

Play with Patterns: Parquet flooring has been around for over a century. For a while, it seemed passé, but when chevron and herringbone layout patterns made a comeback in fashion, so did playfully patterned flooring. Chevron provides a room with a uniform, clean, and consistent pattern. Herringbone planks are more active and lively on the floor, and mix well with other intricate patterns, like area rugs. Because both patterns display so much detail work, they can elevate all rooms in your home – from entryways and living rooms to kitchens and bathrooms.

Mix Up the Width: Another way to add interest to your floors is to mix up the width. No one ever said that all flooring had to be the same width – and a layout pattern using floorboards with staggered widths automatically adds interest, texture, and depth. Mixed-width flooring can mesh well with a more industrial, surplus-style design. It can also give living rooms and bedrooms a warm, farmhouse-inspired feel, especially if you’re installing hardwood floors.

interesting flooring patterns

Go Super-Wide: If you’re interested in a farmhouse-inspired look that isn’t too country, one way to evoke this style is super-wide flooring. Wide-plank flooring is common in American Colonial-era flooring, and complements woodsy, traditional design and reclaimed styles well. Super-wide planks in lighter colors can evoke coastal calm and uniformity in design as well.

interesting flooring patterns

The joy of using a professional installer is that you can get as creative as you’d like with your flooring. You can add interest to the layout patterns of your floors without the headache of specially cutting and fitting every single plank and tile yourself. If you’re interested in a designer flooring look that will have visitors wondering how you came up with such intriguing designs, contact Crystal Carpet & Flooring Company today. We happily provide free consultations, or visit our showroom if you’d like to stop by and chat with one of our flooring experts.