What’s Hot Right Now: Flooring in Jacksonville, NC

Jacksonville, NC, is a small military town where you’ll find the United States Marine Corps’ Camp Lejeune and New River Air Station. Home to military residents, their young families, and many transient government workers, Jacksonville is an ever-changing, youthful city. In fact, it’s the youngest city in America with an average age just under 23! Beyond this, Jacksonville is one of the fastest-growing cities in North Carolina, which means there’s plenty of opportunity, whether you’re building your family home or remodeling a rental.

If you’re looking for flooring in Jacksonville, NC, it helps to pin down exactly what kind of residence you’re working with and its unique needs. Here, we help you get started with Jacksonville flooring suggestions for some of the most common residences on the Crystal Coast.

Flooring in Jacksonville, NC for rental properties
With a rental home, two factors are key: First, you want to make a great first impression for would-be renters. And second, you want flooring that will last for years to come — no matter how rough and rowdy your young residents are. For flooring that covers these bases and more, choose luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring. LVP provides a natural wood-look floor without the upkeep and warping of traditional hardwood flooring. It’s easy to install, and it can be laid throughout your residence for a consistent style and aesthetic. Comprised of a highly durable fiberboard and PVC vinyl, LVP provides stable yet flexible flooring, suitable for multiple visitors and Jacksonville’s hot and humid coastal climate. Explore our wide-ranging selection of LVP flooring to discover your match today.

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Flooring for beach houses on the Crystal Coast
For your beach house rental or cozy cottage, you need Jacksonville flooring that can handle splashes, sand, and heavy traffic. Like LVP flooring, luxury vinyl tile (LVT) flooring provides the look and feel of classic flooring options (hardwood, marble, stone, etc.) without the risk of warped woods or broken tiles over time. With protective wear and film layers, LVT is easy to maintain and resists scuffs, scratches, rips, and tears. Find your fit in our LVT gallery.

Flooring for your first family home
While hardwood floors look beautiful and make for a great investment, consider carpet for your young family. Not only is carpeting comfortable for your children’s playtime, it also makes for a softer landing when inevitable slips and falls occur. Beyond this, carpeting provides insulation and prevents sound from traveling, so Peppa Pig will not echo throughout your entire home. Even better? New worry-free carpeting is produced with high-tech stain-resistant fibers and spill-proof backing, so you will be able to sell your home with crisp and clean carpeting if relocation is a possibility. Check out our selection of designer carpets and peruse our gallery to find yours.

Flooring for your permanent Jacksonville, NC home
If you’ve decided to make the Crystal Coast your long-term home, invest in engineered hardwood flooring. Thanks to alternating layers of different species of wood below traditional hardwood, engineered hardwoods are typically more affordable and better-suited for the humid climate than traditional hardwoods. Complete your space with high-quality area rugs and runners for a classic, comfortable look.

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Flooring in Jacksonville, NC
Whether you’ve discovered your solution or you’re still considering your options for Jacksonville flooring, we can help at Crystal Carpet & Flooring Company. Call us to schedule a free consultation or come by our showroom in nearby Wilmington, NC to get started.