How To Find The Perfect Area Rug

The perfect area rug is a great addition to any room. Providing comfort, style, and color, area rugs can be a room’s centerpiece, both literally and as an aesthetic link that ties décor elements together. While some home stores certainly offer off-the-rack rug choices, specialists, like those at Crystal Carpet and Flooring Company, can offer custom options that open new doors for your home’s style. With a little patience, you will find that you’re not limited to the standard options available at department stores.

Here are the basics of area rug shopping:

Determine the size of the rug you’d like. Measure out popular rug sizes such as 4′ x 6′, 6′ x 9′, and 8′ x 11′ in the room you are planning to decorate, and plan where you’d like them to be. Take photos or gather swatches of the furniture, window and wall coverings to ensure that your rug doesn’t overwhelm or clash with your existing décor. If you’re starting from a blank slate, the perfect area rug is an excellent focal point around which you can design a room.

Consider the traffic in the area you plan to place your rug. The density of a rug’s fiber is referred to as its pile, which affects the plush feel of the rug, as well as its ability to withstand wear. Over time, rugs with thicker pile tend to withstand foot traffic better, and will keep their lush look with age. Patterned rugs can also mask the effects of long-term wear, and are a great choice for high-traffic areas. Also consider rug fiber options – both synthetic and natural elements have their perks.

Leave space in your budget for underlay padding. Similar to the padding that is placed underneath installed carpet, underlay padding will reduce the impact between your area rug and your hard floor surface, meaning the rug will last longer and wear more evenly.

Don’t limit yourself to the options you see. Crystal Carpet and Flooring Company offers in-house binding; we can turn any carpet remnant into a custom area rug in as little as 48 hours. Visit our 5000 square foot showroom on Oleander Drive for a seemingly endless array of carpet choices, any of which can be converted into your very own custom sized area rug – a perfect option for hard-to-fit rooms. With area rugs, patience and the help of a professional are the keys to selecting –or designing– the perfect rug for your home.