Extending the Life of Your Commercial Carpet

We all want to keep carpet looking fresh, whether it’s in our home or our place of business. But while home carpet owners worry about wine and pet stains, commercial carpet presents an entirely different set of challenges. With customers and employees walking to and fro, commercial carpet gives a new meaning to the term ‘high traffic.’ But with a few tips, you can keep your commercial carpet looking as fresh as the day it was installed.

Roll Out The Welcome Mat:  Never neglect the entryway! Using a mat in areas of ingress and egress can drastically reduce the amount of mud and soil that comes in on the shoes of your clients, vendors, suppliers and visitors. Additionally, a mat is likely to catch any tacks, thorns, or bits of debris that can cause snags or other serious damage to your carpet. You’ll want a large enough mat that your guests walk in and take two to three steps before they find themselves standing on your actual carpet.


Vacuum Every Day:  Daily vacuuming can remove 90-95% of dust and soil before it settles into the carpet and causes discoloration. Left in the carpet, dirt and sand also degrade the integrity of the fiber itself and cause fraying. An upright vacuum with a brush is perfect for agitating the dirt so that it doesn’t damage the carpet and agitate you!

Treat Spots Immediately:  During the end-of-day pass with the vacuum, keep an eye out for spots or stains. A client’s muddy boots or a customer’s dripping coffee cup can turn from a momentary inconvenience to a permanent and unsightly stain. Many customers cite staining as one of the top reasons they choose to replace their commercial carpet, so a few moments spent with an environmentally friendly cleaning chemical can do a lot to preserve the life of the carpet.

Go Deep:  Twice a year, hire a professional carpet cleaning company for a complete deep-cleaning of your commercial carpet. Even daily vacuuming and spot cleaning can’t remove the dirt that vacuuming misses. If you stay on top of these scheduled cleanings, your carpet will never begin to look tired or worn.


Did the state of your current commercial carpet lead you here? If your existing carpet is too far gone to benefit from these tips, come into the Crystal Carpet & Flooring Company showroom in Wilmington, NC for a fresh start. With proper care from day one, your commercial carpet will retain a like-new appearance for years to come.