Everything You Need to Know About COREtec

Looking for waterproof flooring that’s also pet-proof, kid-proof, and life-proof? Look no further than COREtec, an engineered luxury vinyl plank and tile flooring (a.k.a. LVP and LVT). One of the most cutting-edge flooring solutions on the market, COREtec comes from humble beginnings. In fact, the company USFloors got its start in the spare bedroom of President and CEO Piet Dossche back in 2001. Here, everything you need to know about COREtec flooring.

What’s COREtec?
COREtec is a patented, entirely new type of vinyl flooring. With a high-density, waterproof core made of virgin polymers, recycled wood and bamboo, these floors are ultra-strong and stable. Atop this core, a luxury vinyl layer provides the look and feel of wood or stone without the chips or dents that come with natural materials over time. An additional wear layer protects against stains, scratches, and heavy foot traffic, making this a great selection for homes and commercial spaces.

COREtec tile flooring

What’s COREtec Plus?
COREtec Plus floors provide the comfort of cork, with a quieter and warmer backing compared to traditional hardwoods or stone. Even better, COREtec Plus flooring is easily installed over existing surfaces and conceals imperfections, which means no subfloor fixes or prep are required.

What else should I know about COREtec?

It’s 100% waterproof.
And in coastal North Carolina, home of constant humidity and occasional flooding (plus hurricanes!), these floors are one of your best bets for a long-term solution. For the look of hardwood without warping over time, COREtec is an ideal choice thanks to its naturally mold and mildew-resistant cork underlayment. You can install these floors in your bathroom, mudroom, kitchen, laundry room, or throughout your home.

It’s not your typical imitation-wood floor.
You know cheap fake wood floors when you see them. But with luxury vinyl COREtec, high-tech printing allows for not only the look of hardwood or stone, but also the variegated texture when you run your fingers or toes along it. Even better, these floors are available in multiple plank widths and shades from cool Timberland Rustic Pine to warm Gold Coast Acacia and deep Mission Oak.


It’s quieter and warmer than traditional wood or stone flooring.
Wood floors are known for their creaks and echoes, while stone floors are beautiful but can become cold in winter months. With COREtec, the cork underlayment absorbs sound and retains warmth from your home for a much quieter and more comfortable underfoot experience.

It’s much more affordable than the alternatives.
Compared to real hardwoods and stone floors, COREtec is more cost-effective and long-lasting.

… And it requires far less upkeep.
With COREtec, you’ll never have to sand, seal, refinish, or patch up your floors. Upkeep is as easy as a quick sweep and mop as needed.

Where can I find COREtec flooring?
At Crystal Carpet & Flooring Company, we offer a number of COREtec flooring solutions. To see, touch, and test them for yourself, come by our showroom in Wilmington, NC.