Emser Tile and Natural Stone

Emser Tile and Natural Stone at Crystal Carpet & Flooring Company

At the forefront of floors that are both fashionable and reliable, Emser Tile and Natural Stone offers a large selection of flooring options to satisfy the budget and style of any dreamer. Whether you are looking to design your bathroom with a mosaic tile pattern or an opaque solid tile, Emser Tile and Natural Stone has the product to match.

Porcelain tile, ceramic tile, stone tile, and glass tile are the primary products offered by Emser. Porcelain tile can be manipulated with HD technology to mimic the look of marble, metal, and natural wood. The ceramic collection, which has some neutral limestone-looking options, also features tiles that appear textured with wave, herringbone, and hexagon patterns. Finishes are glossy or metallic.

Emser Tile’s Stone Collection features both natural and engineered pebble tiles. These premium stones come in various colors and patterned blends. The collection’s color palette of gray, black, and cream is divided into Summer, Spring, Fall, and Winter groupings intended to connect the flooring to nature with seasonal color blends from earthy tones through to slate options. Looking for unique shades like green, gold, and purple? Or, seeking a traditional look like midnight black or white? Emser Tile and Natural Stone offers it all.

Emser Tile and Natural Stone at Crystal Carpet & Flooring Company

Mosaic styles, perfect for kitchens and bathrooms, can also be found in the four collections. Glass mosaics are fashioned to mimic the look of wood grain and marble, adding a textured appearance to a smooth surface; whereas the ceramic mosaics feature unique patterns in neutral tones.

Emser Tile and Natural Stone cares about producing well-crafted tiles; the company also cares about giving back to the environment. If there is extra powder from the tile manufacturing process, it is reused in the next batch. Water consumption is monitored, and water is recycled throughout the fabrication process. Whenever possible, tiles are sealed with a water-based, solvent-free glaze to ensure a reduced emissions rate.

With such a diverse offering of colors, textures, and styles, the best way to choose an Elmer Tile and Natural Stone products is to experience the options firsthand. You can visit our showroom on Oleander Drive in Wilmington, NC, or make an appointment for a complimentary in-home consultation.