StainMaster Brand is a name that is well known in the flooring industry.  Is it critical that you buy a brand name fiber like StainMaster, Weardated or Anso?  We would not say it is critical but it does get your some extra confidence in your purchase.  When you purchase these name brands you can count on having the higher quality stain protection in your carpet fibers.  You can also count on having the more premium quality fibers to insure a higher wearable product.  Stainmaster and other groups also offer additional warranty on the carpet and additional customer support.  Over all you get more bells & whistles.

We think it is important not to limit yourself right off the bat and say the only product for you is a name brand one.  We don’t like to limit the choices you have.  We feel it is important to listen to what your turn need are to start with.  There are many excellent choices that are not name brand product.  Also you have to realize that there are many grades of Stainmaster products.  Just because the carpet is made with Stainmaster yarn, does not mean it is the correct product grade for you.  There are many levels of qualities made with the Stainmaster fibers.  For the most part due to the extra features & benefits, Stainmaster fiber are normally used in the medium to higher grade products.  Still it is important to look at all the qualities of the carpet before deciding which one is for you.

When our outlet is stocking the truck loads of carpets, we try to get the most  premium grades of Stainmaster carpets.  We feel when stocking the name brands, we are able to add value for our customers.  So when it is time to freshen up your home with new carpet, stop by Crystal Carpets to get the best deals around.